Pharmacists at the Bedside – coming soon!

Pharmacists at the Bedside – coming soon!

The AAMC Pharmacy Department recently began staffing patient care areas on the 6th floor ACP with pharmacists. Their goal? To enhance patient safety.

Sandrine Larre, RN and Inh Ock, PharmD review a patient record on MSU

This pilot program, which began in August, has made our pharmacists even more accessible to staff on weekdays between 8 a.m.-4 p.m. They are able to assist the health care team as they help manage order verification, review admission medication reconciliation, review daily drug regimens (screening for changing patient variables, duplications, interactions, etc.), and communicate directly with our patients, their families, and our staff.  

Don’t see a pharmacist when you need one? They have dedicated Spectralink phones and are just a call away.  

Below, some thoughts from our 6th floor staff who have been able to work with our Pharmacists during this pilot program:

I have found the pharmacist to be very helpful.  I have stopped and talked to them about numerous medications and indications, also compatibility questions.   

I had sought them out regarding meds that won’t scan.

Today, a peer on SCU consulted with me about a troubling Lantus insulin order and we ran though the gambit of how it could be resolved and then I suddenly remembered the Pharmacist and that’s who we went with!

I know I have actually called a few times with questions and they were able to answer my questions.

I think it is a wonderful resource, I think we need to continue to understand how we can utilize their services! 

As the program is refined over the coming months, it will be expanded to the other med-surg floors and, eventually, critical care—we’ll make announcements as these expansions occur.  

Please be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to collaborate with your Pharmacy partners on the units, as well as enhance the care of your patients. 

-James (Jamie) Caldwell, PharmD

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