Pediatric Champions go above and beyond for kids and families!

Pediatric Champions go above and beyond for kids and families!

A visit to the hospital can be an unnerving and downright scary experience for anyone — most especially for children, who may struggle to cope with stressful experiences.


Pediatric nurses practice using One Voice making playdoh. (From right to left: Margaret Waytt, Heather Rueg, Melanie Lee, Dana Balassa)

An exciting new initiative in Pediatrics has staff working to make the hospital experience a positive one for each child and family who comes through our doors. The Pediatric Champions program, developed by AAMC’s two Child Life Specialists, Meghan Siegel and Polly Hurlburt, encourages doctors, nurses, and patient care technicians to enhance their skills in a variety of areas in order to provide exemplary child- and family-centered care.

Through fun and informative education sessions, Pediatric staff learn the best ways to provide optimal pain management, use kid-friendly language, offer positions of comfort for procedures, create a calm and positive atmosphere for kids, and utilize Child Life Services to maximize comfort and satisfaction for our little patients and their families.

Most recently, nurses and techs practiced using the One Voice method of communication while teaching each other to make homemade Play-Doh!

Pediatric Champions can use their participation in the program towards the Clinical Ladder and can look forward to ongoing interactive and high-energy learning experiences provided by the Child Life team.

Our hope is that ALL of our patients will feel the same way as a recent 8-year-old patient who exclaimed, “This is the best hospital!”  -Polly Hurlburt, CCLS

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