Patient’s wife thanks Joint/Spine staff for “expertise, thoughtfulness and care”

Patient’s wife thanks Joint/Spine staff for “expertise, thoughtfulness and care”

A letter of thanks from a patient’s wife, acknowledging the interdisciplinary team who made her husband’s surgery and recovery so successful. Way to go, Joint Spine team!thank you smile

My husband recently had double knee replacement surgery. Steven Faust, MD, was the surgeon and the surgery was textbook perfect. Unfortunately, when the epidural wore off he was in horrific pain. The nurses on the Joint/Spine Unit that we dealt with were wonderful.

Abbey Schermer, RN, said that first night that she was not going home until he was much more comfortable.

Lynelle Wittmaack, RN, did the same thing on the second night and even called in the pain management people for advice.

Evana Cook, PCT, helped him with icing the knees, those surgical stockings, etc. and always with a smile.

Phyllis Cotton, PT, with her sense of humor, made therapy as enjoyable as it could be after double knee surgery.

Every single person we dealt with was kind, caring, and patient. Everyone had a smile and no one showed frustration when he was so uncomfortable.

We want to acknowledge and thank everyone involved with my husband’s care. We are impressed with the expertise, thoughtfulness, and care with which he was treated. The many kindnesses were certainly appreciated. Please pass our thanks to the entire staff, who cared for him for a job well done.


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