Patient’s family “humbled and moved” by care for dad on GSU

Patient’s family “humbled and moved” by care for dad on GSU

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A beautiful letter of thanks to the GSU team. You filled this family’s last days with their dad with comfort, kindness, and compassion.

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank the team of caregivers who looked after my father during his three visits to AAMC over the past year or so. 

Dad was a patient on GSU. He had numerous health issues and his body just couldn’t fight any more. As the doctors and nurses worked to keep him alive, many of the nurses and techs came by to give our family support and hugs. When dad passed that evening, we were comforted by so many of the 5th floor team. We were truly humbled and moved by their outpouring of affection.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of the staff at AAMC who helped our father and family. We were overwhelmed by the professionalism and kindness of everyone and it was a great pleasure to get to know many of them and find out about their lives, families, background, etc.

Without exception, everyone we interacted with was professional, dedicated, caring and friendly. After spending so much time in the hospital and nursing home with our dad over the past couple of years, we know it can be hard to maintain one’s dignity and modesty with all that a very ill patient must endure. At all times, we felt that the respect and dignity of our father was of the highest concern for everyone who cared for him. Even during peak times when their phones were ringing constantly, the nurses and techs made you think our dad was the most important person in their care.

Whenever you name people, you run the risk of leaving someone out. I know I am probably missing a couple of folks, so my apologies to anyone I missed. The list of people we will always be grateful to is long:

  • Nurses: Jessie Paltell, Becca Burett, Joan Anderson, Wanda Spikes, Della Sangah, Jazmin Manlapaz, Sharon Elliott, Malori Yingling, and Katy Malsick
  • Patient Care Techs: Ashley Moore, Darryl Hayes, Ericka Antonio, Krystal Bayer, Teko Sellman, Nana Akyaa, Sharon Mister, Kathleen Miller
  • Physician Assistants: Melissa Dobson, Kelly Hofmeyer, Megan Lamattina

We sincerely thank Dr. Glen Gibson and the surgical team for doing all they could for our father. Dr. Gibson came to the hospital after our dad’s passing and comforted our family. Please pass on our deep appreciation to all.

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    What a wonderful letter of recognition!! Thanks for all you do! Eve

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