Patient’s daughter will “never forget” the “phenomenal” care ED provided

Patient’s daughter will “never forget” the “phenomenal” care ED provided

A patient’s daughter writes in to thank the ED team for the way they cared for her dad — and for her as well. To hear someone say, in regards to their care, “I will never forget,” should make us pause and reflect on the positive impact we have in the lives of our patients and their families. To our ED staff, we stand in awe of the way you do this every day and every night. Thank you.  Thank you!

Please know that my experience at AAMC this week was phenomenal. Nobody wants to go to the Emergency Room with an elderly parent in distress. Nonetheless, the care and compassion given to both my father and to me, as his caretaker, was something I will never forget.

The service was immediate and courteous, even at 2 a.m. The nurses, doctors and x-ray technician took the time to explain everything to my Dad and to me every step of the way — and my Dad was treated within just a matter of hours.

To top it all off, I was given a recliner and not just one but TWO warm blankets so that I could take a nap while my father was getting his IV.

Bravo to the management team that seeks out the talent and trains the employees in compassionate and comprehensive care. It means a great deal in stressful situations that bring a patient/family/friends to the E.R.

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