Patient thanks ED & HVU staff: “My status was their #1 priority”

Patient thanks ED & HVU staff: “My status was their #1 priority”

A patient expresses¬†his gratitude for the excellent care he received during a recent overnight stay in AAMC’s ED and Heart & Vascular Unit. Way to go, team!

I am an 80 year-old business owner who was brought to the ER with complaints of dizziness and vomiting. The ER staff worked exhaustively and diligently examining, assessing and running tests on me to determine the cause of my symptoms.

I was then admitted to the hospital and transferred to the 4th floor (Heart & Vascular Unit). While there overnight, I was given the highest quality of care and was made to feel like my status was their number one priority. During the right, every hour on the hour, the nurses were in my room taking blood and other vital information from me, I presume to check my cardiac function.

My overall experience while at AAMC was genuinely relieving. Specific members of the 4th floor staff were particularly  professional and comforting: Shonda Washington, RN and Tina Adams, PCT, Kathy Sowa, RN, and Wilfredo Bueno, PCT.


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