Patient declares ED, OBS & Cath Lab have “best nursing staff I have run across”

Patient declares ED, OBS & Cath Lab have “best nursing staff I have run across”

thanks 2As he made his way through¬†the ED, OBS¬†and Cath Lab, this patient experienced excellent care that moved him to write a letter. That’s pretty impressive on its own merit, but this patient has also worked in the medical field for 45 years and believes we have the best nursing team around. Wow. To all the staff involved in this story, we thank you.

Last Friday, much to my dismay, I found I needed to be hospitalized immediately and was asked which hospital I would like to be transported to. Because I live in Bowie, I chose AAMC because it was the easiest to get to.

Upon arriving in the ER, I was not sure I had made the right decision; your ER was extremely busy with lots of patients. Be that as it may, I was immediately placed in one of the exam rooms where I was hooked up to telemetry equipment.

The ER doctor didn’t think I needed to be admitted, but to be safe he decided to observe me for a while. It was during this observation period that my heart rate dropped from 84 down to 43.

Cardiology was called in and determined that I needed to be observed longer before a decision about my care could be made.

I was transferred to the Observation Unit where I spent the next four days. This place was also extremely busy, therefore I was completely taken by surprise when the nurse assigned to watch over me took the time to introduce herself and the tech working with her before they set to work, showing themselves to be not only professional and competent, but friendly and caring.

This feeling that I was being taken care of by competent, professional staff members who genuinely cared about their patients continued for the entire time I was hospitalized. Granted, I have not spent a lot of time as a patient in a hospital, but I have worked in the medical profession for 45 years. I’ve seen lots, and I can tell you for a fact, you have the best nursing staff I have run across.

Please let the staff members listed below know that their excellence in patient care service has been noted and much appreciated by this patient:

Deanna Leone, RN, Victoria Kopec, RN, Carolyn Burton, RN, Yahona Wilson, PCT, and Jayne Charlie, PCT in the Observation Unit; Mary Ann Kane, RN, in the Cath Lab; and Milo Lee, RN, and Heather Finlay, PCT, in the ER.

Without exception, everywhere I received care, the quality of care was excellent. It started upon arriving in the ER and followed through until the minute I was discharged. I presume this dedication to quality patient care stems at the top, so thank you for setting the standard so high.

In closing, while I may have chose AAMC for its location in the beginning, should I ever require hospitalization in the future, I will come back to AAMC for its excellent service.

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