Our Very Own Hero: OR Nurse & Armed Forces Advocate, Jan Campbell, RN

Our Very Own Hero: OR Nurse & Armed Forces Advocate, Jan Campbell, RN

For the past ten years, Jan Campbell, RN, has been a part-time staff nurse in AAMC’s Edwards Operating Room. She also serves as the 2nd Vice President of the United States Naval Academy (USNA) Women’s Club. Over the past several months, Jan has been influential in helping to raise almost $15,000 through this organization, the proceeds of which have gone to support military families.

As a Navy wife and mom, Jan is especially dedicated to raising funds to support the Fisher House Foundation, an organization that provides United States Armed Forces and their families’ comfortable temporary lodging when a military member or dependent requires specialized or extended medical care.

Fisher House facilities enable families to stay together while a loved one is undergoing long-term treatment. They are close in proximity to military hospitals—a sort of “home away from home.” Currently in the U.S., there are 45 Fisher Houses on 18 military bases and 15 on VA centers.

One of Bethesda Naval Hospital's Fisher Houses

This temporary lodging concept for military families began in 1990 and nationally has offered more than 3 million days of free lodging to more than 120,000 families (a savings of about $15 million in lodging, food, and transportation). The average length of stay is 15 days; average stay for combat casualties 60-75 days. Families who stay at Fisher house do not pay. Fees at Navy, Army, and Air Force Fisher Houses are underwritten by The Fisher House Foundation (FHF)—a not-for-profit organization that builds new houses and assists in the coordination of both private and public support for their homes.

 According to Jan, many families get an unexpected phone call in the middle of the night, then catch a flight to get to their critically injured loved one as soon as possible. Some arrive at the bedside of their loved ones without clothing or toiletries for themselves. It is at that time that the Fisher House volunteers reach out to the families to support them during their time of need and crisis. Support for the Fisher Houses—specifically new houses at the Bethesda Naval Medical Center—are now needed more than ever. 

We at AAMC are proud to have Jan on our staff and are grateful for her support of the Fisher House Project.

What about the rest of our staff? What cause are you most devoted to and why? Let us know here.

-Amy Kohler, RN

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