Once upon a time in the OR…

Once upon a time in the OR…

teddyThanks, Chris Holt, RN, for sending in this inspiring story from the OR about a sweet little girl and her teddy. Proof that the little things our staff do each day are not so little.

Once upon a time, in a medical center by the water, there were some nurses and doctors and techs who liked to take care of people.  

One day a little girl came to the medical center to have her hurt ear and sore throat fixed. She would have to go into a deep, deep sleep so they could help her to feel better. She was very nervous, so her loving mother said that she could bring her favorite teddy bear to keep her company. The brave young girl held her teddy and her mother tight as she peacefully drifted off to sleep.

Later, the teddy was accidentally taken from the room and left outside. He felt scared and didn’t know where his little girl was.

Just then, one of the kind workers, Wanda Parker, spotted the teddy and saw that he was lost and alone. To comfort the teddy — and let the little girl and her mother know how much the workers cared — she dressed him in special clothes like the doctor. A different worker wrapped him in a towel so he didn’t get cold.

When the little girl awoke with her mother, her teddy was warm and happy — and she felt all better! And they all lived happily ever after.  -Chris Holt, RN


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