Octavia Gross: An angel with a heart of gold in the Obs Unit

Octavia Gross: An angel with a heart of gold in the Obs Unit

20130816_162005Octavia Gross, a PCT on the Observation Unit, is described by her co-workers as caring, compassionate, and professional, day in and day out. According to the letter below, her patients feel the same way:

As I sit here recovering from a horrible fall down a flight of stairs resulting in a broken neck and lots of other problems, it does my heart well to remember the great care and kindness I received at AAMC’s Observation Unit. The accident took me to the emergency room early one morning, then to the Obs Unit later that day.

You should know that it is easy to put off writing a thank you note when memory fades and health returns. So, I am writing this just as soon as I am able to tell you about the one person who went above and beyond. She wrapped me in her strong arms, told me I was going to get better, cleaned my legs, held my hand when I needed to cry, and laughed with me about grandchildren. When she put me in the car to go home, it was very hard to say goodbye to her. I know this angel as Octavia Gross, a technician with gold heart.


  1. Posted by Sue, at Reply

    Octavia is truly a unconditionally giving person with a heart of love. I am honored to work with her and her peaceful disposition is such a breath of fresh air in a sometimes hectic environment.
    Love you Ocatvia sincerely …. Sue

  2. Posted by Adeeb Jaber, at Reply

    God bless you with many rewards, Octavia! My wife, Hala, and daughter, Ayah, always remember you for your beautiful manner and amazing grace. We will never forget how you were our daughter’s ‘angel’ around the time she was ill. You are good at what you do, and I have no doubt in my mind you will continue to excel in whatever new challenge you take now and in the future. May God continue to give you the beautiful grace and compassion that helps people heal and get back on their feet. Amen

  3. Posted by Lynda Bivens, at Reply

    Octavia worked for me in Phlebotomy before becoming a PCT. It was so hard to give her up for all the reasons this patient states. Our outpatients were heartbroken when she moved on. But she needs to grow and we know that. You’re an inspiration Octavia. We know you’re not lost to us, but have gone on to bigger and better opportunities! The patients still ask for you!

  4. Posted by carol Namo, at Reply

    Octavia, I knew you in the lab when you took my blood and my husband’s blood. We loved talking to you. You made us feel at ease and cared about. I loved working with you when you were on Oncology for a short time and am so happy to hear that AAMC gets to have the benefits of your caring and warmth. Thank you for being you and congratulations. I am inspired to be warmer with my patients because of you. thank you.

  5. Posted by Kathy Evans, at Reply

    Octavia, it was so good to see you honored in such a special way. I have known for a long time what a wonderful person you are. I love seeing your smiling face. You always have a kind word to say. Keep up the good work.

  6. Posted by Cindy Dove, at Reply

    Way to go, Octavia – I’m glad the “rest of the world” is recognizing how special you are!

  7. Posted by patty moyher, at Reply

    i had tears rolling down my eyes after i read this, congratulations, you are a special person and God is always at your side

  8. Posted by Jen Watson, at Reply

    Congratulations Octavia! You are amazing and definitely deserve the recognition!!

  9. Posted by Blaise, at Reply

    Congratulations! I could have read the letter and knew who took care of that patient without a second thought. I’m proud to work alongside you. 🙂

  10. Posted by Cynthia Benedict, at Reply

    Yes Octavia you are amazing! I love following you and your patients always have such great things to say about you. Way to be a positive influence on the observation unit!

  11. Posted by Marianne McKiernan, at Reply

    You do not meet someone like Octavia every day. She is a rare find. Her patients and coworkers are so fortunate to know her.

  12. Posted by Geri, at Reply

    Congratulations, Octavia!
    We are blessed to have you among us.

  13. Posted by Mary Etta Barbour, at Reply

    I totally agree with this patient, Octavia! You are very much appreciated by your patients, but also, your co-workers!! Thank you so much for all you do to make everyone’s day easier and ever more pleasant!!

  14. Posted by Saisa Neel, at Reply

    I first met Octavia when she worked in the lab. She was always skillful, friendly, and caring. I KNEW she’d make a Great PCT and was delighted when she joined us on OBS. So proud of you, Octavia. Keep up the excellent work!!! Saisa Neel

  15. Posted by veronica, at Reply

    Octavia, this is very sweet. Amazing job. You’ve Inspired me to keep on going to school. This has touched my heart.

  16. Posted by carol, at Reply

    Fantastic, Octavia!

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