Observation Unit celebrates NO FALLS for 222 days!

Observation Unit celebrates NO FALLS for 222 days!

no falls!

Becky Grubb, RN, Sue Kozel, RN, and Mary Garcia, RN, proudly show off of the Observation Unit’s no-fall statistics!

Way to go, Observation Unit! As of today, they have had no patient falls for 222 days!

How have they achieved this? They attribute their success to careful assessment and communication. During each admission, patients are evaluated for potential falls. If the patient is deemed high risk, staff talk with the patient about what that means.

As they orient the patient to their room, they demonstrate how to use the call bell and point out equipment, such as telemetry wires and IV poles, which can be hazardous.

Another big emphasis is being present when the patient is toileting. Staff explain that this is a big factor in keeping high risk patients’ safe during their stay.

A big congrats to the Observation Unit from all of us — keep up the good work!

Lil Banchero, RN

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