OBS Unit enlists help of patients to select new call bells

OBS Unit enlists help of patients to select new call bells

The patient modeling this call bell said she appreciated that it was big enough to see!

Situation: The electronic call bells on Observation Unit were older models with very few features. 

Background: The call bells had only two features: summon a nurse or turn on the TV. If patients wanted to change the TV channel using the call bell, they could (but only by going up, channel by channel). To turn the TV off, they had to hold down the TV button and click through four channels before it would power off. There was no way to control the lights with these particular models, and, not surprisingly, staff received quite a few complaints regarding these call bells.

Assessment: Information on upgrading the unit’s call bells was brought to the OBS Quality Council. Lil Banchero, RN, advisor for OBS quality council, suggested that the call cell vendor be contacted and asked if samples of more appropriate options could be sent to the unit. She suggested that patients be asked to give their opinion on which call bell they preferred. 

Recommendation: We received two different styles of call bell. Ten patients tested both and were asked which one they preferred. The result was unanimous—every patient chose the same style. In October, OBS replaced seven of the older call bells with these patient-selected models. Patients tell us they are much more user friendly and efficient. Additional call bells have been ordered for the Observation Unit and the plan is for all nineteen rooms to have one soon! 

-Jennifer Herzig RN,BSN,PCCn


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