Nursing-led initiative shows why eliminating Admissions Kit saves money

Nursing-led initiative shows why eliminating Admissions Kit saves money

Starting this week, AAMC will follow the best practices initiated by four units (Critical Care, Pediatrics, Labor & Delivery and Women Surgical) by eliminating general Admission Kits (#2001250).  Items from the admission kits will be available individually in the unit supply rooms for patients upon request

Placing unnecessary items into the patient’s room adds clutter and ultimately increases the unit’s supply cost and the waste disposal fees.

“It makes perfect sense to offer patients and their families exactly what they need instead of wasting items that they don’t need or could be better used elsewhere,” says champion Jen Smell, MSN, RN, CCRN, Clinical Manager, Pediatrics.                                       

This nursing-led initiative will save AAMC $7,000 annually, even if every admitted patient requested every item in the admission kit individually. The four champion units have discovered that many patients will not have a need for every item, increasing our savings opportunity even further.  -Charlotte Wallace, RN, Sustainability Coordinator


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    Mother Baby has already saved over $655 and are annualized to save $2,659 by converting to an “a la cart” style.

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    AAMC has 5 champion units!!!

    My apology as I mistakenly ommitted Mother Baby as the 5th champion unit to successfully eliminate the general admission kit. Way to go Mother Baby! Thanks for leading the way to this cost saving, environmentally friendly best practice.

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