Nursing Councils Report for November

Nursing Councils Report for November

Nursing Research Evidence-Based Practice Council
Chair: Cathaleen Ley, PhD, RN
Co-Chair: Cheryl Briggs, BSN, RN

  • The November 2015 Journal Club was led by Kathy Groody, MSN, RN, and Megan Hazen, PT, who presented, “Safety of Mobilizing Hospitalized Adults.” The Journal Club meets on the third Monday of every month from 12-1 PM in the second floor conference room, South Tower. Please bring your lunch and join us to explore how to incorporate research evidence into practice.
  • Cathaleen Ley presented, “The Art of Writing a Strong Abstract” at the November Professional Power Hour and to the Nursing Research Council.
  • The FY2017 Bedside Scientist Grant application and timeline was finalized. The FY2017 call for proposals will be announced in January 2015. This year, separate applications will be available  for nursing research and quality improvement studies. Please contact Cathaleen Ley at to discuss your research or project ideas in advance.


Nursing Quality Council
Chair: Cathaleen Ley, PhD, RN
Co-Chair: Lauren Stylc, RN

    • Unit-based nursing quality councils continue to focus efforts on reducing CAUTIs.
    • Plan in development for house wide training and PCT competency for Foley insertion.
    • Two-person Foley insertion will be implemented house wide with the exception of the OR and Labor and Delivery.
  • Isolation Policy
    • New policy states that if patient has not had a positive culture or PCR with MRSA within the last year, isolation is not required.
    • An informative Purple Paper on management of isolation precautions is available in global share – T:\Quality and Safety Documents\Purple Papers\2015\Purple paper on Management of Isolation 11 15.doc
  • Patient Satisfaction
    • Patient satisfaction has turned downward house wide. In order to address this, an Executive Steering Committee of senior level leaders has been formed to develop an evidence-based strategic plan to improve patient satisfaction. Part of this plan will be to develop behavior expectations and to increase accountability for all employees.
  • Nursing Peer Review
    • Process for nursing peer review has been finalized. Training of committee members and Clinical Directors will be completed in December.


Professional Nurse Council
Chair: Carrie Jackson, MSN, RN
Co-Chair: Daniel Shields, RN

Initiatives: SNAC, Diversity/Advocacy, Community, COPE

  • Patient Satisfaction: Barbara Jacobs spoke to the Council about Patient Satisfaction and ways we can make a special connection to our patients. The group viewed a video to show how everyone compromises part of the patient’s experience from the moment they park their cars in the garages through discharge, including valets, patient care secretaries, security, lab, nurses, dietary, housekeeping and physicians. Take home message: we are ALL part of the patient’s experience.
  • Bedside Shift Report: Barbara Jacobs and Betsey Snow discussed the importance of Bedside Shift Report, tackling barriers and giving suggestions. They role-played the correct way to give report at the bedside, keeping the patient at the center for their input, and interacting with the patient and their families.  The whiteboard should also be updated with pertinent information, goals, and medications (times for next pain medication, etc).
  • Lobby Night:  Nurses Lobby Night in Annapolis is quickly approaching. Look for more info about an educational offering about Nurses Lobby Night on Wednesday, February 3.
  • The Community Service Initiative sponsors the brown bag lunch donations from nine units every other month (and every month during the summer) – donations are usually 100+ lunches. They have also been very successful with other events with the help of the AAMC employees, including a Sock Drive, Thanksgiving Day Basket collections (128 baskets and approx. $2,800 in gift cards), a Lunch and Learn on Mental Health, the annual  Run for the Shelter, bi-monthly clinics at the Light House Shelter, community classes, backpack collections (over 100 filled backpacks donated), and blood pressure monitoring and triage at the Homeless Resource Day for Anne Arundel County. The Community Service Initiative also sponsored a family from the Light House Shelter, helping them transition from the shelter to a home of their own.


Clinical Education Council
Chair:  Melody Kennedy, BSN, RN
Co-Chair: Gena Kosmides, BSN, RN
Initiatives: Professional Development

  • Code Cart Change:
    • There will be a new portable ETCO2 monitor on all code carts as recommended by the American Heart Association. It will stay with the code cart by the defibrillator and will need to be plugged in to charge. Please DO NOT exchange with the cart exchange, keep with the defibrillator.
    • Respiratory Therapy is maintaining these monitors, if you have any questions contact your educator or Respiratory Therapy.
    • Tubing for this ETCO2 monitor will be stored in the BOTTOM DRAWER of the code cart.
    • Isolation protocol changes ahead: December 1, MRSA will no longer require isolation if the patient has not had a positive culture for a year prior to current admission. New isolation signs will be distributed by the infection prevention team the week of December 1, 2015. Call Infection Prevention at x6446 for questions regarding this and other isolation needs/questions.
    • Universal Protocol for Site Marking Changes:
      • Verbiage has changed now to state that an operative site must be marked, with a skin marker, at the EXACT location of intended incision. For example, mark the ventral side of a finger, versus just initialing the finger on top. Or, mark the bottom of the right foot, instead of marking the top of the right foot (indicating right foot versus the left).

Interdisciplinary Informatics Council
Chair: Bill Moore, BSN, RN
Co-Chair: Jennifer Dupre, MSN, RN

  • If you have any issues with scanning blood products when documenting on the MAR, please call the Blood Bank first, then call the Help Desk.
  • A Care Plan work group is being convened to discuss synonyms for better care plan search functionality.
  • The incision LDA location/site documentation field is now alphabetized. This should make it easier to find a specific body site.
  • If you are interested in running for IIC Co-Chair please submit your name by the January meeting.


Clinical Practice Council
Co-Chair: Denise Matteson, BSN, RN, CAPA

CPC approved the following policies to move on to the Hospital Policy Review Committee (HPRC):

  • *NEW* Banked Allograft Tissue Management #TBD – lab policy to be converted to a hospital policy to guide staff in the handling of tissue throughout the hospital
  • Surgical Patient Receiving Local Anesthesia  SNP 15.4.01 – three year review with changes
  • Intraosseous Needle Preparation, Care, Maintenance and Removal SNP 15.2.71 – three year review, updated to reflect change of needle size
  • External cephalic version SNP 15.2.09 – three year review
  • Surgical Attire SNP 15.4.07 – three year review, updated to include surgical vending machines for scrubs and the no nail polish rule
  • Adult Stroke Management Policy GNP 14.6.125 – updated to include the ROSIER scale for ED


Charge Nurse Council
Chair: Lisa Davis, RN
Co-Chair: Devra Cockerille, RN

  • Unit Charge/Networking Updates: The ACE Unit celebrated Veterans Day with 13 veterans on the unit, with ABC 2 News in attendance. The staff wore red, white and blue and hung American flags on the veterans doors.
  • Quality: Kristen Macgregor updated the group on a wheelchair RIE and inventory that would be occurring in-house to set a PAR level and have allocations for high use areas. Fiona St. Remy from NCU gave an update on the new stroke process and patient education materials.
  • Community: The Charge Nurse Council adopted a family for Christmas.
  • Growth, Finance, CNO updates: Weekend alternative updates were discussed and final decisions are coming soon. Bedside Shift Report will be a focus and a campaign to reignite quality bedside shift report will begin across the house. Barbara Jacobs and Sherry Perkins discussed with the group the importance of nurse engagement and how this affects patient satisfaction.


Nursing Operations Council
Chair:  Irma Holland, MSN, RN

  • No meeting held for the month of November.

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