Nursing Councils Report for April 2015

Nursing Councils Report for April 2015

Nursing Research Evidence-Based Practice Council
Chair: Cathaleen Ley, PhD, RN
Co-Chair: Cheryl Briggs, BSN, RN

-During the May 2014 Journal Club, Karen McConnell, CDE, and Pat Barnett, RN, reviewed  an article on  biological contamination of insulin pens in hospital settings.  The Journal Club meets on the third Monday of every month from 12-1 PM in the second floor South Tower Conference Room. Please bring your lunch and join us to explore how to incorporate research evidence into practice.
-The Nursing Research Council reviewed and selected FY 2016 Bedside Scientist Grant proposal winners. The grant periods runs from July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016. Bedside Scientist grants are funded throughout the year. Please contact Cathaleen Ley at for more information.

Nursing Quality Council
Chair: Cathaleen Ley, PhD, RN
Co-Chair: Lauren Stylc, RN

-Clinical Nursing Peer Review: Presentations and discussions have taken place in Professional Nurse Council, Clinical Education Council, and Charge Nurse Council. Interviews are currently being conducted for potential members.
-Quality Improvement Project Dissemination: Five nursing quality improvement posters were presented at the annual Maryland Organization of Nurse Executive (MONE) Poster Presentation Section.

Professional Nurse Council
Chair: Carrie Jackson, MSN, RN
Co-Chair: Daniel Shields, RN
Initiatives: SNAC, Diversity/Advocacy, Community, COPE

-COPE had nine additional nurses attend training in Baltimore.
-COPE will present a poster at the upcoming Magnet conference in October.
-Diversity is planning a Cultural Fair during Hospital Week.
-Cathaleen Ley and Deborah Baden presented process on clinical peer review and to obtain feedback from the group. This would be a non-punitive process but more of a support process.  A committee would be developed, “Nursing Service Quality Review Committee” (NSQRC) to review any valid cases. This would be aligned with the same process the medical staff currently has in place.
-Discussed unit staffing and members provided situations from their units causing staffing issues. PNC reps were asked discuss staffing with their managers and at the unit level.
-PNC is also prepping for yearly PNC goals for FY16. They will be solidified at the upcoming May meeting. PNC is also conducting its yearly review of the PPM to make sure it accurately reflects nursing at AAMC.
-PNC will champion and advocate for 100% participation in the upcoming Workforce survey.

Clinical Education Council
Chair:  Melody Kennedy, BSN, RN
Co-Chair: Gena Kosmides, BSN, RN
Initiatives: Professional Development

-Skills Days 2015 have completed. Thanks to everyone that helped with set-up, tear-down, running stations, etc.
-Reviewed upcoming isolation changes and foley algorithm with Anne Van Waes. The algorithm provides a guideline for indications and removal.
-Bedside prescription dispense program (for inpatients only) was introduced by Jamie Caldwell from the Pharmacy. Patients will be able to receive certain prescriptions prior to discharge. This should enable better continuity of care.
-The new clinical peer review program for nursing was introduced. More information from the quality council to come soon.

Interdisciplinary Informatics Council
Chair: Bill Moore, BSN, RN
Co-Chair: Jennifer Dupre, MSN, RN

-Blood Administration documentation/scanning in Alec went go live May 12, 2015.
-Survey for CPM optimization will be forthcoming. Encourage staff to complete it.
-Bedside Medication Dispensing trial on MSU began May 19, 2015.

Clinical Practice Council
Chair: Tina Andersen, BSN, RN
Co-Chair: Denise Matteson, BSN, RN, CAPA

-Due to an increase in the number of policies submitted to CPC for approval, this council plans to meet twice a month for April, May and June.
-CPC approved the following policies to move on to the Hospital Policy Review Committee (HPRC):

  • NAD 11.1.01 Staffing and Scheduling- 3 year review, incorporated information from 5 policies to be retired
  • NAD 11.1.09 Supplemental Staffing Pools- 3 year review
  • NAD 11.1.10 Floating to Another Nursing Unit-  3 year review
  • NAD 11.1.15 Staff Incentive Plan- 3 year review
  • GNP 14.7.29 Chest Tube Insertion, Removal, and Closed Drainage System- revised to reflect current practice; incorporates Mosby skills into policy
  • GNP 14.7.20 Suctioning:  Adult Endotracheal and Tracheostomy Tubes- revised to reflect current practice; incorporates Mosby skills into policy
  • GNP 14.7.31 Adult Advanced Oxygen Therapy Management in Non-Critical Care Areas- clarifies process for placement of patients on high levels of oxygen
  • *NEW* Pharmacy, Department of Investigational Drug Service Standard Operating Procedure– outlines procedures for proper control, storage and handling of investigational drugs

-CPC approved to RETIRE the following policies:

  • SNP 15.1.01 Standard of Care for Autotransfusion- very outdated, this skill is reviewed on Skills Day and does not need to be a policy
  • NAD 11.1.07 Assigning the Nursing Care of Patients – incorporated into NAD 11.1.01 Staffing and Scheduling
  • NAD 11.1.13 Holiday Considerations– incorporated into NAD 11.1.01 Staffing and Scheduling
  • NAD 11.1.16 Notification of Unscheduled Leave  – incorporated into NAD 11.1.01 Staffing and Scheduling
  • NAD 11.1.12 Staff Vacations During Prime Time Seasons– incorporated into NAD 11.1.01 Staffing and Scheduling
  • NAD 11.1.08 Weekend Staffing– incorporated into NAD 11.1.01 Staffing and Scheduling

Charge Nurse Council
Chair: Marianne McKiernan, RN
Co-Chair: Barbara Buckley, BSN, RN

-Tina Anderson provided updates on the CPM upgrade which went smoothly. Any suggestions for revision to the new documentation should be forwarded to Tina Anderson.
-Cathaleen Ley and Deborah Baden provided a presentation on Clinical Nursing Peer Review.  Target start date will be in July.
-Jeanne Morris provided update on Bedside Shift Report. Pilots are ongoing on L&D, ACE, MSU and SCU. Jeanne and a former patient spoke about the patient and family experience with bedside shift report and its benefits. Changes to the current bedside shift report will be coming soon.
-Permanent charge nurses revisited the option to work 12 hour versus 8 hours to meet the staffing needs. Charge nurses reported improved nurse satisfaction with decreased vacancies of charge nurses at 3 PM. Group recommends we continue with flexible staffing to help meet charge nurse and unit needs.
-Community Service Report: Mary Perzanowski discussed plan for the group to support the Lighthouse Shelter Transitions Program. This program helps those transitioning to own home by supplying basics necessities: dishes, towels, laundry detergent, gently used furniture and more. First opportunity for the group will be late May.

Nursing Operations Council
Chair:  Irma Holland, MSN, RN

-NOPs is currently being facilitated by Irma Holland and Eve Sage is conducting the meetings May, June and July.
-Voted to take the EPIC 15 upgrade after a presentation by Suzanne Stadig.
-Working on developing goals. The Charter will be revised first, Betsy Snow, Joyce Bragg and Irma Holland have reviewed and made revisions that will be review at the next meeting. Also, a brainstorming session will be conducted to develop the priority goals for the group.
-Deb Baden and Cathaleen Ley presented and received feedback on the Peer Review initiative.

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