Nurses “painting” at work every day? But WHAT are they painting? Find out here.

Nurses “painting” at work every day? But WHAT are they painting? Find out here.

Blog Nursing OutcomesSimilar to the paint colors in a palette, nursing outcome data paint a picture of each unit’s nursing practice environment.  

Nursing outcomes can be divided into three broad areas, what we call the “big 3” – clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction related to nursing care, and RN satisfaction. Think of each of them as painting a story about the quality of care patients receive on your unit, patients perceptions of how well you care for them, and how satisfied and engaged nurses are on your unit.

Each of these colors is unique individually, but together they blend together to tell the story of your unit.  

Because we, as nurses, own our practice environment, we also own each of these outcomes – clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction and nursing satisfaction. With everything we do each day on our units, we paint a stronger practice environment… whether it is by preventing a patient fall, empathically listening  to a distressed patient, or giving encouragement to a new nurse graduate.

View this table to have a better understanding of how we define and measure nursing clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and RN satisfaction. Next, look at the examples of each. Think about what nursing outcomes you own on your unit and what you can do every day to paint a stronger and more vibrant practice environment.

Please contact with any questions about your nursing outcomes. -Cathaleen Ley, PhD, RN

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