No longer new grads – the Feb 2011 cohort celebrates!

No longer new grads – the Feb 2011 cohort celebrates!

Last week, we celebrated the graduation of our Feb 2011 new grads from our Nursing Graduate Internship, a year-long program that supports the transition of new graduate nurses as they journey from classroom theory to real-life bedside nursing. Together, they’ve studied nursing skills, effective communication, critical thinking—even financial planning and stress management—and are well on their way to becoming seasoned AAMC nurses.Feb 2011 new grad graduation 002

Congratulations to these no-longer-new-grads, pictured here from left to right with senior director Ann Marie Pessagno: Jennifer Buckmaster (HVU), Christina Harrison (L&D), Nick Wolf (MSU), Octavia Yancey (MSU), Chaundra Hamilton (ONC), Keri Tate (CCU), Jessica Minor (CCU), not pictured Kristy Eklund (ONC) and Beth Hoban (GSU).

It is clear that many of these new grads have already made a huge impact on their patients, units, and coworkers. Read the kind words from their co-workers here:

Jennifer Buckmaster (HVU) – Over the past few months, Jennifer has truly settled into her role as a registered nurse on the HVU. She is very confident in her nursing practice and comes across like she has years of nursing experience when interacting with patients. She utilizes good critical thinking skills, seeking assistance and collaboration from resources when appropriate. Jennifer is very patient focused – taking the time to listen to her patients and address all their concerns.  

Kristy Eklund (ONC) – Since joining Oncology, Kristy has been a dynamic advocate for her patients and their families. She is proactive in seeking out resources for her patients and is quick to see their total holistic needs. She is an active member of the Unit Based Quality Council, is creating a unit newsletter, and is the unit’s professional editor-in-chief! She is currently on a 10 day volunteer mission to Guatemala with a healthcare team. We are so proud of Kristy’s care, compassion, and passion to provide exemplar health care.

Chaundra Hamilton (ONC) – Chaundra has quickly advanced in her professional life from new grad to night staff nurse to relief night charge. She has far exceeded the new graduate requirements and has jumped into an active member of the oncology initiatives team. She is a member of the Unit Based Quality Council and the SBAR unit representative.

Christina Harrison (L&D) – Chrissy is easy to work with and a team player. Her response when asked to do anything is, “Sure!” She takes good care of her patients and is on her way to becoming a great L&D nurse. We are glad she is with us and I look forward to seeing her grow over the next few years.

Beth Hoban (GSU) – Beth is eager to learn and is continuously growing and improving. She cares deeply for her patients. Her colleagues on GSU say that her energy and enthusiasm light up GSU and seeing her in the hall will make you smile!

Jessica Minor (CCU) – Jessica came to Critical Care from the ED. Not quite “new”, she’d been around nursing and health care a while.  One day, after Jessica gave report in front of the Multidisciplinary Group, which included Dr. Mitch Schwartz and Dr. George Samaras, and Dr. Aimee Yu, who jumped up, elated, announcing, “This is my nurse.”  I was jealous and wanted to pull her back and say, “No, this is my nurse.” Then I thought to myself: No, Jessica has flowered and become her own nurse. I look forward to seeing more from Jessica. What an asset to the unit – a “new” grad to be proud of!

Keri Tate (CCU) – Keri came to Critical Care as a new grad, but had previously worked as a tech in the ED. She has grown immensely over the past year and has become a true part of the CCU family. Keri greets each day with a smile. Clearly, she enjoys what she does. Patients and staff compliment her on care delivery. Her enthusiasm for nursing is evident in all she does. Keri is an asset to the unit, someone we look forward to working with for a long time.

Nick Wolf (MSU) – Nick had a starring role in our staff education Bedside Shift Report video. After which, he immediately got a swelled head and sent out a hilarious email about how he was to be addressed as Mr. Wolf (he pointed out – you wouldn’t address George Clooney as “Hey ,George”). He has a quick and wonderful sense of humor, is well liked by staff and patients and is an exceptional nurse.

Octavia Yancey (MSU) – Octavia is very much admired by the charge nurse and others on MSU. She is very flexible with her assignment and is a team player. She never hesitates to ask a question or learn something new. She’s very patient-focused and always goes above and beyond for her patients! Her documentation is outstanding and she can always be counted on to be on time (charge nurse especially likes that about her)! She is already considering furthering her nursing education.


  1. Posted by Mary Cohn, at Reply

    Congratulations to all, especially Nick and Octavia! It is great to have you part of our MSU team/family.Looking forward to good times ahead with more learning and growing!

    Mary Cohn

  2. Posted by Christine, at Reply

    I am always amazed and so proud of our new grads-it is so wonderful to see them grow and gain confidence in their roles. Nick and Octavia seem like they have been part of our team for much longer that one year. I am delighted that we chose these two professionals to be in our midst and take care of our patients. They are both delightful.

  3. Posted by Marita Kellers, at Reply

    Congratulations to all of you. I know that you will continue to grow and make positive contributions to your patients, units and nursing.

  4. Posted by Eve Sage, at Reply

    Congratulations to all! Best of luck as you begin your nursing profession!! These are exciting and inovative times in nursing, continue to challenge yourself and look for every opportunity to learn more. Welcome aboard!
    Eve Sage, RN

  5. Posted by Jill Smitley, at Reply

    Chrissy so glad you’re working with us!

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