NICU nurse Carin Weinreich, RN, receives The DAISY Award

NICU nurse Carin Weinreich, RN, receives The DAISY Award


(from left) Tori Bayless, Carin Weinreich, Betsey Snow, and Sherry Perkins celebrate Carin’s DAISY Award.

Carin Weinreich, a staff nurse in the NICU, was the recipient of The DAISY Award on the evening of May 5, 2014. The DAISY Award was established to recognize extraordinary bedside nurses — honoring the compassion, knowledge and care that they provide to their patients every day.

As per AAMC tradition, Carin was surprised by a crowd of colleagues and friends (and even her husband and two children) who secretly gathered to pull off this big surprise.

Sherry Perkins, COO/CNO, and Tori Bayless, CEO, extended their congratulations and awarded Carin with a DAISY plaque. She also received a DAISY pin from physician colleague Suzi Rindfleisch and a DAISY figurine from her nominators Sharon Mooney and Ashley Benefiel.

Here is an excerpt from one of Carin’s nomination letter:

“Carin picked up on significant status changes on a NICU patient who started showing signs of distress after being stable for weeks. Throughout the entire shift, she cared diligently for this infant while his health status continued to deteriorate. She remained focused and very in-tune to the tiniest, but extremely significant, changes, rapidly reporting all concerns and changes to the charge nurse and the nurse practitioner. She practiced continuous composure with excellent critical thinking skills when caring for this patient; rarely leaving his side and finding help from other staff to monitor him if she needed to.

“Even though the family had been notified about the infant’s change in status, they had not come in. Knowing the family well, Carin was concerned that they weren’t completely comprehending how critical their infant had become, how vastly he had changed in such a short period of time. She professionally and appropriately encouraged the medical staff to re-contact the family to encourage them to do all they could to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

“Due to Carin’s persistence, the parents arrived in time to be able to spend a few hours with their infant before he unfortunately passed away. Were it not for her, this family may have not had the chance to bond with and comfort their baby during the hours before his passing. That experience was not only comforting for the patient, but imperative to the parents as they mourn their child and seek closure.”


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