New grads no more! Learn more about these special nurses and all they have achieved over the last year.

New grads no more! Learn more about these special nurses and all they have achieved over the last year.


Graduates, from left to right: Sharon Elliott (GSU), Nereyda Rojas (ED), Catherine Music (ED), Rachel Crosby (NICU), Kasey Rimpf (SCU), Megan Meer (SCU), Kristen Zuger (ACE), Angela Mazor (ACE) and Erika Kenny (MBU). Not pictured: Becka Burnett (GSU), Anna Hill (ONC), Rebecca Kane (SCU), Jessica Paltell (GSU), and Blaise Thorpe (OBS).

It’s hard to believe that over a year has gone by since we welcomed our February 2013 cohort of new nurse graduates to AAMC. On March 27, 2014 they celebrated their graduation from the Nursing Graduate Internship.

Surrounded by family, friends, coworkers and leadership, each  graduate received a certificate and a pine seedling, representing their continuing growth. Sherry Perkins, CNO/COO, congratulated each graduate and shared some of the accomplishments these new grads have acheived over the past year. 

Their colleagues had nothing but praise for these soon-to-be seasoned AAMC nurses! Here’s a little something about each of them:

Rebecca (Becca) Burnett (GSU) Becca is an integral part of the GSU unit; she is a team player and a very good care provider who pays attention to detail. She is poised and confident even when things get challenging and is always willing to learn something new — she steps right up to gain new experiences. Becca has a heart for missions and has been to Africa at least two times to help with a medical mission there. She has grown into a very competent nurse.

Sharon Elliott (GSU) Sharon is a great asset to GSU. She has grown tremendously over the last year. She is professional, kind, dedicated to her patients and always willing to help others. She takes time to provide complete and compassionate care to her patients without a complaint. Sharon has a quite soothing charm that endears her to the patients she cares for. She is a hard worker, who often picks up extra shifts with a smile!

Jessica Paltell (GSU) Jessie has transitioned well as a GSU team member and we are excited to have her on our unit. Her flexibility, wiliness to support and assist her team is commendable and very apparent with her peers. Jessie is full of energy and encouragement. She has a bright smile and a very kind approach to patient care. Eager to learn, she asks questions and is a quick study. She takes on the responsibility of being a nurse with enthusiasm.

Rachel (Dziok) Crosby (NICU) Rachel has been a great addition to the NICU. She provides nursing care with compassion for both patients and family. Rachel has learned a lot and is always seeking out ways to improve her practice. She holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in business and the other in nursing. She is a vocal patient advocate for her little patients in the NICU.

Anna Hill (ONC) Anna has been a perfect addition to the oncology unit family! She is funny, compassionate, and outgoing. Anna has had several substantial accomplishments in her first year of nursing on our unit. Some of which include multiple HOT cards from patients, families and colleagues; oncology unit employee of the month; bedside scientist grant team member; and the December 2013 DAISY award winner for compassionate involvement with an end of life patient. Anna is now applying for the clinical ladder, returning to school for her BSN, and planning her professional future to become a NP. We are very proud of Anna.

Rebecca Kane (SCU)

Once upon a time, Becca had a Human Services degree
but then she changed her mind and said, “Nursing is for me!”
So back to school she went for 23 grueling months, she’ll agree,
but at the end she was a nurse with a Master’s degree!
Becca was a practicum student but stood out from the crowd.
The other nurses on the unit noticed and whispered out loud,
“If we don’t get Becca as a New Grad, then you are going to hear a big howl!”
So lucky were we that Becca made three,
for the new new grads who came to SCU in 2013!

Megan Meer (SCU)

Megan came to us as a tech while in nursing school
and never missed an opportunity to learn what she should do.
This smart young women wasn’t about to wait for this year to come to an end
she’s already started she’s in school to get her BSN.
Her patients are so lucky to have Megan by their side
Having Megan on our team give us so much pride.

Kasey Rimpf (SCU)         

She started as a tech as many nursing students do,
always learning so much on SCU.
As soon as graduation from school drew near,
she became a new grad and now it’s been a whole year!
She has grown to be such a great nurse, everyone knows that is true,
but if you any doubt try walking a day in her shoes.
Kasey’s care of her patients, with her heart as big as a drum
makes each patient think they are her only one.
We know that on some shifts 12 hours seems like 12 rounds,
but it doesn’t seem to bother Kasey, her energy knows no bounds.

Erika Kenny (MBU) Erika has been a wonderful addition to our unit. She gives thorough, kind care to her patients in a very professional manner each and every day. She brings an excellent work ethic to Mother/Baby. Erika has fresh, new ideas as well as a respect for her profession. She is an excellent role model for what nursing truly stands for… patient and family centric, caring, compassionate, resourceful, and energetic. She also has an extra special quality/skill that has improved may aspects of care for our Hispanic population as she is a certified Spanish interpreter. Erika is an excellent resource for all of our staff and physicians at a moment’s notice. She has made a very smooth transition from PCTII to RN staff nurse. She actually made it look easy! We look forward to all the Erika has to offer to the unit.

Angela Mazor (ACE) Angie has been a great asset to our unit. She is a very compassionate nurse who gives exceptional care to her patients. Angela is their best advocate in their continuum of care. She made the transition from PCT to RN with ease. She is intelligent and thorough. Angie takes stressful situations in stride and pitches in whenever necessary on the unit. She is the epitome of a great team player, always looking for opportunities to assist and support other on the ACE unit.

Kristen Zuger (ACE) Kristen is a wonderful addition to the ACE unit. She has awed her peers with her attention to details. She is enthusiastic and motivated to learn. Kristen has already demonstrated her commitment to the organization by becoming our skin prevalence unit representative and will soon become our first wound treatment associate. It is hard to believe that Kristen is considered a novice nurse. She consistently seeks out new learning opportunities, and strives for excellence. Regardless of the situation, Kristen is a team player and has a very infectious positive attitude.

Catherine (Riordan) Music (ED) Katie has set a new bar for what the ED looks for in a new grad. She is an intelligent, compassionate nurse who truly wants to make the ED a great place to work and a great place to be a patient. With fresh eyes on the unit, Katie has often times provided input on ways to improve the unit and is an awesome team player.  She is the co-chair of our Patient Satisfaction Committee and reminds all of the staff to smile every chance she gets. Most certainly an asset to the ED!

Nereyda (Nettie) Rojas (ED) Nettie has adapted very well to the flow and stress of ED nursing. She has quickly shown herself to be a strong patient advocate as well as an active team player. You may almost forget she is a new grad, because she is taking on assignments that are very difficult and she does so without any complaints. She is incredibly hardworking and extremely flexible in an environment that requires both of these qualities. Nettie is always available to help others and does so with a smile on her face. Nettie has become a valued member and we are proud to have her as part of the ED team.

C. Blaise Thorpe (OBS) Blaise is upbeat, positive, polite and compassionate with his patients. He is eager to learn and flexible with his assignment. He has a good understanding of the big picture as it relates to staffing and patient safety. One family summed Blaise up perfectly in a thank you note: “Blaise was simply amazing, kind, gentle, knowledgeable, helpful, polite, spoke on our level, and never above or below what we needed to understand mom’s care! He made us smile, laugh, and even relax over a small crisis in our little corner of the world.” We feel quite lucky to have Blaise as one of our own here on the OBS unit.


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