New dad thanks L&D, MB, and NICU for loving and compassionate care

New dad thanks L&D, MB, and NICU for loving and compassionate care

Read this letter from a new dad, who wrote in to thank our L&D, MB, and NICU staff for the wonderful experience he and his wife had at AAMC during the birth of their first child. This is patient- and family-centered care. And this is the stuff that makes you proud to be a nurse at AAMC.

We recently had our first son at AAMC and felt the need to write you and let you know about how wonderful our experience was, how highly we regard your staff, and how well we were cared for as patients (and a dad) at the Medical Center.

We had only heard good things about the experience other parents had at AAMC. Even so, our expectations were greatly exceeded in the care we were provided. Every staff member from the top down couldn’t have been more loving and compassionate in caring for our family. Yet, at the same time, their professionalism and confidence was just as obvious.

Of special note would have to be every nurse we encountered during our stay—both during the delivery and afterwards in Mother/Baby and NICU. The nurses were helpful, kind, knowledgeable, and professional. They were able to instill trust whenever they came on, and made me confident that we were getting the best care possible. We’d love to name everyone that was helpful during our stay, but we wouldn’t want to accidentally leave anyone out—we truly felt the same love and care from every individual we had the privilege of meeting.

My wife works as a teacher, and I work in medical (radiology and women’s imaging) software. In my position, I’m able to interact with medical staff at all levels at medical centers and outpatient centers across the country. As such, I feel that I can tell in the attitudes of the staff at various levels where emphasis is placed a corporate level. And I can say that at every interaction it was obvious to me the AAMC puts patient care before every other consideration at all levels and at all times.

Thank you to your wonderful team.

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