Need some motivation today? You need to read Courtney Marshall’s story.

Need some motivation today? You need to read Courtney Marshall’s story.

28811Courtney Marshall, AAMC’s supervisor for Environmental Services, moved to the U.S. from Jamaica in 2003, not knowing that his educational credentials would not be recognized here. “Yes, it hurt,” he said, “but I decided to do something about it.”

In 2011, Courtney earned an Associate’s degree in Education. Two years later, he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Health Administration. Currently, he is wrapping up a Master’s degree in Business Administration.  

He wanted to share his motivation with fellow employees. “I was inspired every day to see how hard our employees work, but some (struggled) because of personal experience. Whatever the cause, there is always a way despite any present challenges.”

Thanks, Courtney, for sharing this essay with us. You are an inspiration.

“Motivation” by Courtney S. Marshall

Many people die at 21 but aren’t buried until they are 75, they tend to lose their inspirational edge. Many people select the known hell over the unknown heaven because it is more comforting to balance. He who learns the most earns the most. Someone’s opinion does not determine your reality, so don’t let that decide your path of travel.

Motivation is an empowerment that contributes to personal growth, so go ahead and dive in. If you stretch for the highest point of success, there is only a small amount of failure that can change your course of direction. Always strive to get to the top, because the bottom is always crowded with dysfunctional ideas.

Measure your path by changing the inventory of your individual pattern of thinking, game plan and behavior. Stop spending time reflecting on the mirror of your past experiences, it cannot determine your development or limit your possibilities and convictions. Don’t be afraid to experience different horizons of happiness, it will extenuate and unwrap circumstances of greatest talent and skills that simplify ultimate proportion of leadership.

Speak to your dreams of willingness, it will provide a mindset to commitment over rejection and failure. Reward is not a manufacture of doubt, but an intricate source that propels you away from stagnation.

Choose “I can” over “I can’t”, it is only one letter away from changing the prospective of your belief. People who live above the rim have the highest potential to outscore their critics. If life throws you a coin, share the profit with enthusiasm and success. No one can stop your steps; determination has too much effort and purpose to fail.  Why change your dream for someone else’s idea, there is very little to be gained from following behind the majority.  Compromises are not always the best way out of a situation; rather value the concepts of what starts the process. 


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