Need a massage? Come to work!

Need a massage? Come to work!

Nurses. We’re on our feet for hours at a time.  Standing, lifting, walking and carrying.  Delivering smiles, meds and sometimes a lost teddy bear to patients in need.  Nursing is a demanding profession utilizing all our physical, mental and spiritual abilities.  We love what we do and we do it well.  But it can take a tremendous physical and emotional toll if we are not careful to nurture ourselves, too. 

“We give so much to our patients,” said Sherri Morgan-Johnson, Clinical Director, Care Management.  “Nursing takes a lot of strength, and we need to remember to renew our bodies and souls so we can continue to be effective caregivers.  Getting a massage is a great way to replenish your mind, body and spirit.”

Running off to the spa for a day may not be in your budget or your busy schedule.  Who has the time?  But you can find a half-hour during your week for a healing massage right here on campus!  Campus massage therapy is an affordable, easily-accessible alternative to the traditional costly spa outing.  And the benefits are priceless.

“I absolutely love our campus massage therapist, Janet Dubovsky,” Sherri said recently.  “Her healing hands and quiet, restful demeanor really help me de-stress and relax.  Massage has now become an integral part of my wellness regimen, just like exercise and good nutrition.  I hope many of my fellow nurses will give it a try!”

Janet Dubovsky, our resident massage therapist pictured on the right, is located right here on campus in the Breast Center in HSP.  Employees receive a 20% discount on all services, which means that a half-hour massage is only $40 and an hour massage is $68.  A variety of massage therapies are offered, including Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal and reflexology.

To book your massage today, call x5360 or book online at (click Massage) and take good care of yourself.  You deserve it!  -Christa Grim

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