Check out the AAMC Iron Girls!

Check out the AAMC Iron Girls!

 2012 AAMC IronGirl Team

Before sunrise on Sunday, August 19, a team of AAMC staff crowded into the transition area at Centennial Park, where more than 1,500 bicycles were racked tightly together. They were mentally and physically preparing for a tough morning: a .6 mile swim, 17.5 mile bike ride and 3.4 mile run – and the title of Iron Girl. 

Why the Iron Girl? Danette Readling has this to say: “It is so rewarding to test yourself against the improbable and find out that it is possible!” 

Pictured above is the AAMC Iron Girl team. Back row: Charlotte Wallace, Sarah White, Jennifer Harrington, Teresa Carter and Devra Cockerille. Middle row: Danette Readling, Sherry Perkins, Brandy Brown, Monica April, Sheryl Poretz and Jean Phillips. Front row: Lynn Clark. Not pictured: Sandy Huffer, Dena Jackson and Melissa Keener.

The AAMC Iron Girls were proud to donate their fundraising proceeds to the Light House, one of AAMC’s community partners.

They learned a lot about themselves through the course of training for this event and competing in it. Here are some of their thoughts:  

“I am stronger than I know!”  -Charlotte Wallace

“It was much more fun to do (the race) as a group than an individual. It was amazing to see women of all ages, shapes and sizes empowering themselves by competing in a triathlon.”  -Cheryl Poretz

“We all rock! It’s not about the time it takes to finish, but about the journey.”  -Lynn Clark

“The camaraderie of my AAMC tri teammates was amazing. Regardless of meeting my personal goal (which was to finish), just being part of such a motivating and inspirational group of women was worth it!” -Danette Readling

“This was my first Iron Girl! I didn’t really know what to expect but everyone’s support was fantastic. Finishing was such an awesome feeling!” -Sarah White

And a few more lesson’s learned:  

“It’s easier to walk in heels than clip on bicycle shoes.”

“It’s hard to look cute in swim goggles and cap.”

“I have no money, for I am now a triathlete.”

“While biking, my name changes to, ‘On your left.’”

The group wants to give a special shout out to their race day support group: Jane Lucia, Betsey Snow, Lil Banchero, Kevin Perkins, and all the family members of the AAMC Iron Girls.

From your AAMC family, you are all amazing, Way to go Team Iron Girl! -Brandy Brown, RN


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