Navigating a “new norm”: Kathy Evans, RN, shares the story of her grandson’s journey with Type 1 Diabetes

Navigating a “new norm”: Kathy Evans, RN, shares the story of her grandson’s journey with Type 1 Diabetes

Kathy Evans grandson, Tristan, recently biked the 10 mile Tour de Cure fundraiser, which benefits the American Diabetes Association.

Two years ago my grandson, Tristan, was diagnosed with Type l Diabetes. Read about his initial diagnosis here. As a nurse, I think I was more scared than his parents.

I’m thankful I work at AAMC and have the support of a wonderful staff to help me through this situation. Margaret McLellan, one of our Diabetes Educators, has been there with a listening ear and lots of educational resources. Sue Lee, RN, Short Stay educator, has put us in touch with a former AAMC nurse who will help us manage his care while at the public school. My coworkers have supported me with their concern for him — I feel like I have a network of friends that I can count on at any time. And I have taken advantage of free contact hours through CEdirect to learn more about helping Tristan and his parents better manage his care.

Through all this, I have been so thankful to be able to work for such an amazing institution. Here is an update Tristan wrote on how he is doing now:

“Hi! My name is Tristan Evans. I am the Youth Ambassador for the Easton Diabetes Association. I have Type I diabetes. I have been living with diabetes for two years now. It has become my new normal. Since my diagnoses I have only had to come to the hospital emergency room once.

“I have an insulin pump and a continuous glucose monitor. This has helped me keep my blood sugar under control. DM hasn’t slowed me down very much. I still wrestle (I came in 2nd in the Severna Park competition), play soccer and swim.

“Last month my whole family (both parents, both brothers, both sets of grandparents, both aunts) joined me for the Tour de Cure Fundraiser for the Easton Diabetes Association. My team rode our bikes for 10 miles and raised over $1000.

“After the ride, I had to stand up on the stage and give a speech. I was nervous but happy to be able to speak out about how I have been managing my Diabetes. I thanked everyone that contributed so the research for a cure can continue. My favorite part of the fundraiser was my whole family coming out to support me. I am looking forward to going to the Diabetes camp this summer and meeting other kids with diabetes.”

Thank you to everyone who has helped us navigate through this “new norm.”  -Kathy Evans, RN


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