National coverage and endorsements for new AAMC “talk show”

National coverage and endorsements for new AAMC “talk show”

As published in the Capital, Oct. 29: HEALTHY IDEA – Congratulations to Anne Arundel Medical Center for taking a step toward educating people about health issues. The hospital has just held the first of its monthly “DocsTalk” programs – part entertainment and part education.

With a format similar to “The Dr. Oz Show,” the two-hour programs will be a series of conversations between doctors and an audience about common health issues. The doctors work hard to eliminate the technical jargon that confuses patients and can make it hard for them to grasp what is happening to their bodies. If it works for Dr. Oz in front a television camera, it should work for local doctors in front of a live audience. We like it.

As seen in the Advisory Board Daily Briefing, Oct. 28.The next Dr. Oz? Maryland hospital launches ‘talk show.’ How one facility engaged patients in health and wellness discussions.

Special thanks to askAAMC (nursing and non-clinical team) for their help on the project. Big shoutouts to the Marketing & Communications team for their work to launch something that gets national coverage. Way to go Dr. Walton and Dr. Martin — on your way to becoming celebrities!

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