Mobile Time Management with Location and Open Shift Notification

Mobile Time Management with Location and Open Shift Notification

AAHS Nursing Leadership, Information Systems, and Payroll have been working diligently together to implement new functionality within Compass with features that benefit all employees including those in leadership roles.  This new functionality consists of Mobile Time Management with Location and Open Shift Notification.

Mobile Time Management with Location (MTM) allows access to Compass via an app on your smartphone.

Key Employee Features:

  • Request Time Card Corrections (Calendar, Clocking, and Request Time Off).
  • Sign Off Time Cards.
  • Authorized staff will have the ability to Clock In/Out.
  • View Schedule.

Key Leadership Features:

  • Approve Time Cards.
  • Approve/Deny Requests.
  • Modify Time Cards (Calendar and Clocking).
  • It helps better ensure that key organizational metrics such as overtime and productivity are precise, meaningful and actionable.

Open Shift Notification (OSN) is a staffing tool to help reduce staffing imbalances by notifying available staff of shift openings instantly.  OSN works similarly to our current text blasts but with increased efficiency and smarter scheduling.

Key Features:

  • Allows staffers to reach out to employees alerting them of shifts due to changing census or sick calls.
  • Employees respond per their preferred form of communication (text, email, or voice).
    • Shifts can be automatically assigned first come first serve, or respondents can be queued and then awards made manually. All respondents receive a notification alerting them whether they were awarded the shift or not.
    • OSN has the ability to broadcast first to home departments, sister units and then to flex departments while taking into consideration employee’s approved hours, potential overtime and current schedule.  For example, OSN will not contact an employee coming off the previous night shift to fill the day shift of the following day.

We are happy to announce this new functionality went live on January 27, 2020, for both MTM and OSN.

On March 1st, 2020 we will cutover from the current text blast process to the new OSN.  We are encouraging all employees to sign up for their preferred notification method via Compass on the Preference page.

What changes for you and how does that impact your day-to-day?

Our current Compass application will remain largely the same with the exception of a few modifications to informational icons, lookup screens, and additional reporting features.  The desktop icon will remain the same as will the Compass links on the Together Online webpage and Compass Links via Citrix.

Information about these changes was discussed in the following manner.

The Compass support team have:

  • Provided information to NOPS on January 8, 2020.
  • Conversing with nursing leadership during daily Bed Board meetings and Department Huddles.
  • Provided information via the Coffee Cart.
  • Discussed during Safety Calls.
  • Reviewed at the Clinical Supervisors’ meeting on February 6, 2020.
  • Provided training sessions.
  • Created training material and handouts.

If you run into any issues, please reach out to IS Helpdesk and a ticket will be created for the Compass support team to resolve.

These are exciting times for the organization and we appreciate your partnership for our continued successes.

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