MNA Nurses Night: Nurses advocate for their patients, community and environment

MNA Nurses Night: Nurses advocate for their patients, community and environment


Nurses caught the shuttle from AAMC to downtown Annapolis.

On March 7, 2016, 16 AAMC staff attended Nurses Night in Annapolis with MNA.  Many were returning for the second or third year, but there were some first timers, too.

Legislation up for discussion was:

HB490 – Maryland Nurse Practice Act – Peer Review and Advisory Committees and Penalties:  Among other things, this bill reinstates the misdemeanor penalty for violating prohibitions against practicing as a registered nurse without a license. It also allows the Board of Nursing to appoint peer advisory committees to obtain expert advice related to the practice of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. This bill has passed and will now be part of our Nurse Practice Act.


(from left) Brandy Brown, BSN, RN, and nursing student Julia Hunter, PCT, prepare to speak with legislators.

HB771 – Public and Nonpublic Schools – Student Diabetes Management Program: The  bill  requires  a  school  nurse  or  trained  diabetes  care  provider  to  be  available  during  school hours and, when possible, at school-sponsored activities, including field trips and extracurricular activities. 

Nurses also asked their representatives to support the ban of non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in food producing animals in HB829 – Agriculture -Cattle, Swine, and Poultry – Use of Antimicrobial Drugs. The environmental committee of MNA helped with this bill, which seeks to limit the use of antibiotics to sick animals that are being treated by a veterinarian only, thus preventing the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Find out more about these bills at

Nurses Claudia Burgett, Deanna Leone, Kathy Sowa, Christine Gates, Dawnmarie Lombardo, Karen Dove, Breekera Bradford, Jhonry Dela Cruz, Lillian Keane, Rachel Friscia, Jazmin Manlapaz, Stephanie Waltz, Jean Duffy, Brandy Brown, and Barbara Jacobs, and PCT and nursing student, Julia Hunter, were in attendance.

It was a wonderful night of networking and representing our profession – we look forward to participating next year. – Brandy Brown, BSN, RN


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