Mentorship from a new grad’s perspective: “I came to her after my bad days — and guess what I got in return?”

Mentorship from a new grad’s perspective: “I came to her after my bad days — and guess what I got in return?”

Jess Rindos & Ann Barnes

Jessica Rindos, RN, (on right) and her mentor, Ann Barnes, RN, are a great example of exactly what AAMC’s Mentorship program is all about.

Last July, as a new grad nurse, I “interviewed” potential mentors at a Meet the Mentors luncheon – part of AAMC’s Nurse Residency Program. It was an unusual experience to say the least, kind of like speed dating. New grads and established nurses were able to chat briefly and with the hope of finding a good match to be paired with in a mentoring relationship.

Mentors ranged from more recent newbies like me to seasoned nurses who have seen it all. There were some really great candidates. One nurse brought her Clinical Ladder portfolio and helpful examples of everyday actions that could qualify, as well as nurses fresh out of the new graduate program who could really relate to what was going on with me during this transition phase in my life.

But when I saw this super bubbly, smiling, energetic, sweet blonde sitting across from me, I knew she’d be the right fit. We requested a match, were paired up as Mentor and Mentee, and the following month we met for lunch. 

My mentoring relationship was great — I felt nurtured without being smothered, motivated without being pushed, and supported without being criticized.

I came to her after my bad days — and guess what I got in return? Words of encouragement and support, and COOKIES! Now that is a way to make any day better.

It seemed I would run in to my Mentor everywhere: the Professional Practice Fair, PALS certification class, the Evidence-Based Practice Fair, and Nursing appreciation dinner. One of the best parts of the mentor-mentee relationship was that she seemed so connected to numerous other AAMC staff and she would introduce me to whomever she was conversing.

As a new nurse on campus, it’s fantastic to have the opportunity to network more and meet a few new friendly faces. As a new graduate, the mentor-mentee relationship was truly a great experience. -Jessica Rindos, RN

Interested in finding out more? We are always welcoming new mentors — the next workshop is Thursday, August 28. Requirements are two years experience and a passion for nursing (and mentoring counts towards your clinical ladder criteria)! Contact for more info.


  1. Posted by Nancy Long, at Reply

    I feel the same way when I run into Ann Barnes. She has a way of lifting everyone’s spirits!

  2. Posted by Cheryl Briggs, at Reply

    Ann, what a great tribute to a wonderful person!

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