Meet Vanessa Aburn

Meet Vanessa Aburn

Meet Vanessa Aburn, AAMC’s Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Planning. With more than 25 years of strategic planning, marketing, and operations experience, she brings this perspective: “Marketing is the truth well told.”

What is Vanessa’s role here at AAMC? “To continue to build the AAHS/AAMC reputation, role and market share in the region.”

As a nurse, I can relate to this. I want our patients and community to know how awesome AAMC is, as well! But, what, exactly, does all that other stuff have to do with me? My primary concern is giving great patient care.

“Good program development and planning is good patient care. We need to consider all that is needed to have a comprehensive program that meets and exceeds our patient’s expectations when we develop marketing and business plans. And marketing needs to be driven by our strengths and must be supported by great patient care.

“Have you ever gone to a restaurant you read about in a magazine only to be totally disappointed by the service? Why advertise, then? We need to be on the same page and must deliver on our marketing promise,” Vanessa says.

She believes collaboration with nursing is important. “Our team, including the pillar leaders, decision support, marketing and communications, physician relations and community education and wellness, collaborates with nursing on program development, occupancy planning, community education and employee wellness, just to name a few key areas.”

What about the future? Vanessa’s goals are “to help AAHS realize its Vision 2020—Living Healthier together, by developing community initiatives and partnerships, working more closely with our physicians, enjoying the benefits of new technology to continually improve patient care, and furthering our commitment to employee and community wellness.” Sounds good, Vanessa! That’s something we can all relate to.

On behalf of our nursing staff, we welcome you!


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