Meet “the brains” on Neuro Care

Meet “the brains” on Neuro Care











The Neuro Care Unit (NCU) is a  newer unit at AAMC, specializing in various neurological disorders. This team includes physicians, nurses, physician assistants, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and dieticians.

In order to stay up to date on evidence-based practices, staff are continually training on topics like strokes, lumbar drains and seizures. Through collaborative care and interdisciplinary rounds, patients are able to get the best care possible for their diagnosis.

Recently, the unit had some t-shirts made up. They read, “Neuro Care Unit” on the front, “The brains of AAMC” on the back. Modeling them, from left to right, are staff members Jaime Van Allen, RN, Ulanda Thomas, PCT,  Amanda Smelgus, PCT, Kimberly Gagne, RN, Sherrie Meca, RN, Philomena Vahtras, PCT, Angela Walbert, PCT, and Lauren Byers, RN.

AAMC is known to be a patient-centered facility, with an emphasis on family involvement. On Neuro Care, staff members promote this idea because they are a unit family themselves!                -Kimberly Gagne, RN

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