Meet Our Newest DAISY Nurses

Meet Our Newest DAISY Nurses

Andrea Kassel – CP Flex

Andrea was my nurse in Mother Baby after the birth of my first born. She was patient, calm, and knowledgeable during the sleepless whirlwind of that first day. She was a such a comfort to me as she spent hours with me to ensure breastfeeding was a success. I am sure she had other constraints on her time, but never once did I feel like a burden. She even made sure lactation came to chat with me regarding breastfeeding, which went above and beyond. She also made sure I rested, and was my voice when I wasn’t strong enough to be that voice. She protected me. Recently, I discovered she was the nurse for a friend of a friend of mine. Unfortunately, her babies were born early and one in particular was not doing well. She wanted the baby baptized but no one from the local church would come in. The nurses shared the sorrow and frustration, however Andrea took action and reached out to clergy via FaceTime. Andrea helped with the baptism over FaceTime giving this grieving family incredible comfort in this tragic time.

Rachel Purdie – Oncology

There have been multiple occasions when Rachel has gone above and beyond her calling as a nurse for her patients, and her team, but I’d like to share the most recent and touching story. Rachel was caring for a young patient with advanced lung cancer, her code status had just been changed from Full Code to DNR/I, and her prognosis was not what we wished for. Our goal was to wean her off HFNC just to get her home with her family. This patient had 2 children and a husband that were kind and so appreciative of the care their loved one was receiving, but Rachel wanted to do more. The patients 19 year old daughter had been staying the night with the patient, and I could see in Rachel that she wanted to do whatever she could to not only make the patient comfortable and relaxed, but also care for the family. Rachel left work in the morning, knowing she was back that same night, and took the time to put together a care package for the patients daughter so she had magazines and snacks for her overnight stays. Through tears and emotional shifts caring for the patient, Rachel’s mind was always focused on what more she could do for the family. This is just one example of Rachel’s outstanding and compassionate care and heart.

Patrice Andrews – OPIV

Over the past 4 years, Patty has cared for a specific patient of hers, a young male with Colon Cancer. This male was married and had a young son. From the day of his cancer diagnosis, Patty had taken this patient under her wing, administered countless chemotherapy treatments to him, and visited him EVERY time he was admitted inpatient to the Oncology floor while sick. She was truly his advocate in the medical world. She was also a rock for him and his family until the day he passed away, 4 years from his diagnosis. She was the first person his wife called overnight when he passed away at home, and Patty gave them her full support. His family asked Patty to speak at his funeral, during which she gave a beautiful eulogy. Her eulogy stressed how much our cancer patients teach US, and take care of US without even being aware of it. During the 4 years of this young man’s cancer journey, Patty effortlessly and selflessly became a staple in his care, and a support system for his wife and child. This type of care should be acknowledged, which is the reason for her Daisy nomination.

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