Maria Reinitz, RN, selected for The Washingtonian Excellence in Nursing Award!

Maria Reinitz, RN, selected for The Washingtonian Excellence in Nursing Award!

WashingtonianComplete_Page_3Congratulations to Maria Reinitz, RN, of the Edwards Surgical Pavilion PACU, who was selected as for The Washingtonian Excellence in Nursing Award! Nominated by Denise Matteson, RN, Maria was recognized as one of the best nurses in the region for her calm, caring demeanor with both patients and fellow co-workers. Twenty of Maria’s coworkers surprised her at the awards dinner on October 24 at the Loews Madison Hotel in Washington, DC.

Why did Denise nominate Maria? “I nominated her because she means a lot to our unit and to me. I feel that Maria is the heart and soul of this unit. As an educator and charge nurse, I know that when she is here the day will be okay no matter what is thrown our way. She is always positive and no matter what the circumstance, she treats everyone with the utmost respect. 

“Maria is the kind of nurse all of us should strive to be. Every year she organizes a luncheon for our volunteers, raises money for helping hands, volunteers for disaster drills, and does screenings at the Light House. She attacks all of this with a most positive attitude. Last year, I was in charge on my birthday. We had two call outs and were down an additional nurse — and were scheduled 45 patients that day. Maria jumped right in. We handled the 45 patients without anyone even knowing that we were short staffed. She just rolls up her sleeves and does the work.  She is a nurse’s nurse.”

Congratulations, Maria! You make us proud!

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Maria Reinitz (bottom row, second from the left) celebrates with 20 of her biggest fans, including nominator Denise Matteson and COO/CNO Sherry Perkins.


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