MAGNET MONDAY: Who are we? The picture is clear

MAGNET MONDAY: Who are we? The picture is clear

The picture of AAMC’s Nursing Workforce is in clear focus, thanks to the 1,126 nurses – 95% of our total number — who completed the Professional Nursing Workforce Data. To each of you, we offer our sincere thanks!

We used this data to look a several key factors: engagement in professional nursing organizations, certification and education.

Here are the current numbers:  

  • Professional Organizations: 32% of our nurses are a member of a professional nursing organization. The enables them to collaborate, network and share ideas with other nurses to enhance their own nursing practice, patient care and the nursing community.
  • Certifications: 23% of our nurses are certified by a nationally recognized certifying body in their specialty area. These nurses are recognized for additional knowledge and expertise in their specialty — just last week, this group was honored with a Certification Social. Other huge perks are reimbursement for the exam fee and a significant certification bonus each year.  
  • Education: The breakdown of nursing education by highest nursing degree looks like this:

                  7.7%            Diploma or other 2-3 year degree (87 nurses)
                40.2%            Associate’s Degree in Nursing (453 nurses)
                44.4%            Bachelors’ Degree in Nursing (500 nurses)
                  6.7%            Master’s Degree in Nursing (76 nurses)
                  0.3%            Doctorate Degree in Nursing (3 nurses)
                  0.6%            Other  (7 nurses)

Of the 540 Associate or Diploma prepared nurses, 23% are currently pursuing a BSN or MSN. Many of these nurses are taking advantage of the resources AAMC provides to help individuals accomplish their formal education goals. These resources include tuition assistance, Project Advance, Nursing Scholarships, consortiums on campus and discounts available for many educational programs.

To read more about tuition assistance, scholarships, and grants, visit our nursing website or click here.

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