MAGNET MONDAY: When you love your profession, it’s inspiring! Just ask Josh.

MAGNET MONDAY: When you love your profession, it’s inspiring! Just ask Josh.

Nurses seeking excellence — what does that look like? It’s an organization that promotes nursing, providing career opportunities and instilling a love for the profession. That’s Magnet.

In 2007, AAMC’s surgical services educators responded to the Maryland Hospital Association’s “Who Will Care Campaign” by launching the AAMC Nursing Institute. Offered collaboratively with Anne Arundel Community College (AACC), the goal of this program was to introduce nursing students to specialty nursing practice (specifically perioperative nursing) during the semester breaks.

Despite the tough economic times, AAMC has remained steadfast in their commitment to the community and to nursing. Josh SmithNUR 150: Introduction to Perioperative Nursing is going strong after five years and we have added an additional course, NUR 151: Introduction to Emergency Nursing, for second year nursing students at AACC.

To date, we have hired 11 of these students after their graduation. Josh Smith, RN, is one of them. Read his story here:

“I have had the unique opportunity to begin my nursing career in the highly specialized field of operating room nursing.  The beginning of my OR journey started as a nursing student in 2011 with NURS 150. This course, taught by an experienced team of nursing educators at AAMC and facilitated by an enthusiastic and willing OR staff, introduced me to the basic principles of the OR in a very non-threatening way. I had the opportunity to experience and understand the role of the operating room nurse – this is what initially inspired me to pursue the OR for my nursing career.”         

-Denise Schmitt, MS, BSN, RN, CEN & Jorjan Boord, RN

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