Magnet® Monday: What’s YOUR “pride story”?

Magnet® Monday: What’s YOUR “pride story”?

During last week’s Magnet® mock site visit, we were challenged to have a “pride story” ready to share during our official visit (occurring Monday, July 21 through Wednesday, July 23, 2014). There is much to be proud of — so many moments stand out — but here are a few of our favorites shared by staff:

From physicians:

  • “We went to the nurses first to solve a patient care problem.”  
  • “I had a family member here a few times recently and the care from nurses was excellent.”

From patient care techs:

  • “We are the best team and I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”
  • “We work hard with nurses to reduce falls on our unit.”

From our nurses:

  • “We were having some morale concerns on our unit and our director pulled the team together to really listen to us and we are already making changes.”
  • “I felt so supported as a new grad and really had support with an unexpected emergency with my patient.”

What about you? What makes you the most proud? Think about your professional practice, your unit, colleagues, taskforces and committees…

As one nurse stated, “We’ll just tell them what we do every day!”

Have your “pride story” ready. And ask your co-workers about theirs! Share here!

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