MAGNET MONDAY: What’s in it for me?

MAGNET MONDAY: What’s in it for me?

By now, you’ve heard that AAMC is on a journey towards excellence, using the Magnet framework as our guide. You’ve heard about the many benefits to our patients, staff, and organization. You’ve read the blogs and chatted with co-workers about it. And even though sometimes this journey seems very large and far away, you support the idea of a Magnet designation… but in the back of your mind, there’s one nagging little question:

“What’s in it for me?”  

We thought you’d never ask!

Consider for a moment what matters most to you when you are at work: the ability to provide excellent patient care every day, a practice that is effective and evidence-based, strong leadership, access to lifelong learning, innovation within the health system. Each of these, and more, are supported by the Magnet framework.

As we go forward on this journey, we are fine-tuning the areas where we excel and rethinking the areas where we need to improve.

So what’s in it for you? A better place to give and receive care for our patients. Who are our patients? Our children, our parents, and our neighbors. That’s a big part of what makes a big initiative like Magnet so incredibly personal.

As always, your Magnet Coordinators are interested in your thoughts and questions. Send them to Holly Greever and Rita Linnenkamp at or

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