MAGNET MONDAY: Two firemen are sent into a blazing building… what happens next?

MAGNET MONDAY: Two firemen are sent into a blazing building… what happens next?

iStock_000013393233XSmallTwo excellent firemen are sent into a blazing building. One has the best equipment and a fully committed team behind him; one goes in alone carrying outdated equipment. Will they both be able to provide an excellent outcome? 

Recently, I was in a group of nurses who were asked, “How many of you feel that you can provide great outcomes in any practice environment?” What would you have said?

In this case, many hands immediately shot up – mine included – as I considered my commitment to my values, beliefs, and practice. But the more I thought about it, the more uncertain I became.

My uncertainty led me to delve deeper into fully understanding AAMC’s Magnet journey. In many ways, we nurses are like those firefighters. To achieve the best patient outcomes, we need to be confident that we are surrounded by the best of the best. Magnet organizations attract and retain professionals who are committed to the pursuit of excellence.  And because of the value we place on quality outcomes and evidence based practice, we can know that as we journey towards Magnet, we are already armed with current education, equipment, structure, processes, and leadership.

At AAMC, we are ahead of the game. Our “firefighters” are supported, prepared and ready. And all of us – nurses, physicians, techs and ancillary staff – want to practice in this type of environment. 

How do you see this concept, the prepared and supported team, played out on your unit? Share here.

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