MAGNET MONDAY: Slip on those shades, nursing quality is shining at AAMC.

MAGNET MONDAY: Slip on those shades, nursing quality is shining at AAMC.

Shining examples of nursing quality are all around us! At AAMC, we work through our quality structure – which has its heart at the unit level and is supported by the service line and organization quality structure. Through the implementation of evidence-based practice, we achieve the excellence we are striving for. 

One way we measure quality is with our nurse-sensitive quality indicators which are reported on a quarterly basis by each unit. These outcomes are direcsunglassestly affected by our nursing practice and include:

  •  patient falls 
  • hospital acquired pressure ulcers
  •  blood stream infections
  • catheter-associated urinary tract infections
  • ventilator-associated pneumonia
  • restraint use
  •  pediatric IV infiltrations
  • specialty-specific indicators.

Did you see MSU’s table at the Professional Fair last week? Their poster outlined their method of decreasing the number of catheter-associated urinary tract infections on their unit. This is excellence in nursing quality! 

Other methods we use across the hospital? Standardized handoffs (SBAR), research, bedside scientist grants, innovation, collaboration, hourly rounding, huddles, and debriefs – just to name a few.

Way to go, AAMC Nurses! Your commitment to your patients and nursing excellence is a shining example of how nursing quality makes a difference.   -Rita Linnenkamp, BSN, RN

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