MAGNET MONDAY: Nurse partners with patient for calming solution

MAGNET MONDAY: Nurse partners with patient for calming solution

MED2097I wanted to share an example of excellent patient centered care that I witnessed on the Acute Care for the Elderly (ACE) unit recently. Corbie Haas, RN had a patient who was not comfortable in the bed or the recliner chair. The patient was also a high fall risk, becoming anxious because she could not get comfortable, and starting to jump up out of bed. 
Corbie had a conversation with her and asked her what she does at home during the day to be comfortable. The patient said she sits in a rocking chair at home and it soothes and relaxes her. Corbie went above and beyond to find a rocking chair for this patient. Escort was able to find a rocking chair from Labor & Delivery and bring it to patient. There were no more troubles with the patient the rest of the day and she remained safe in her rocking chair.

Not only did Corbie find a rocking chair, but she sat and talked with the patient to really find out the root of the problem and a solution. Great job!!!

Sarah Lissau, RN


  1. Posted by Saisa Neel, at Reply

    Corbie–Making Things Great!!!

  2. Posted by Kathleen Norris, at Reply

    that was so nice of Corbie and the escort that went to get the rocking chair
    I am someone that is in my rocking chair any time I am at home.
    I have asked my children to make sure that if I ever end up in a nursing home please make sure I have my rocking chair (even more important than having a bed)

  3. Posted by Danette Readling, at Reply

    Very touching!

  4. Posted by Valerie Donaldson, at Reply

    This is a true example of the nursing process at work, nursing assessment, nursing plan and intervention, nursing implemetation, and evaluation. Excellent!

  5. Posted by Rita Linnenkamp, at Reply

    What a great example of consulting the expert in the patient—the patient! Thanks for sharing this with all of us!

  6. Posted by Jaclyn palumbo, at Reply

    Great job Corbie!!!

  7. Posted by Kelly Swan, at Reply

    Love it! It’s the little things that make a big difference. 🙂

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