MAGNET MONDAY: Not just another survey

MAGNET MONDAY: Not just another survey

It’s not just another survey — the Nursing Workforce Data questionnaire gives us a clear snapshot of the AAMC nursing workforce. This information is a vital part of our Magnet document… are you in the picture?

FAST FACT: Did you know survey results are presented by unit, not by individual nurses.

Thank you to the 451 nurses who have completed the Nursing Workforce Data as of today.We need 100% participation by the end of August. Why? We are writing the Magnet Document now and need to include this updated information. To complete the survey today, click here!

A glitch, which caused some viewers to get a “thank you” page instead of the survey itself has been corrected. Please contact Amy Hilliard or Rita Linnenkamp for any questions or concerns.

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