Magnet Monday: How do we know our patients are satisfied?

Magnet Monday: How do we know our patients are satisfied?

Nursing excellence makes a difference to patients. And how do we know that our patients are satisfied with the nursing care that we provide? Well, we ask them.survey

Each quarter, we send a confidential, random survey to our patients asking how we are doing in the following areas: pain control, medication education, courteous and respectful treatment, careful listening, clear communication, response time, and discharge or teamwork.

“Ninety percent of patient satisfaction is centered around our communication. One hundred percent of patient satisfaction is the patient’s perception of the quality of care we provide them,” reports Miranda Merriman, our Service Excellence Coordinator.

We’ve used tools like SMART discharge, bedside shift report, No Pass Zone, patient education, pain assessment, open visitation and the use of patient and family advisors to improve in these areas.

Our patients, often scared, sick, and vulnerable, depend upon competent, professional, compassionate nurses. That’s what they remember when they talk to family and friends or when asked to rate their experience.

So we have to say it again: way to go, AAMC Nurses. In so many ways, you are making a difference in the lives of our patients.   -Rita Linnenkamp, BSN, RN

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