Magnet® Monday: Decisions, decisions. Shared governance gives us all a voice.

Magnet® Monday: Decisions, decisions. Shared governance gives us all a voice.

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Nursing plays a vital role in decisions that impact our practice. One structure at AAMC which ensures nursing participation in these decisions is our Shared Governance Council structure:

What does each council do? Click here for Councils at a Glance, a chart explaining each council’s purpose and oversight.

What does being a member of a council mean to our nurses? Let’s hear from two nurses:

 “Being a member of the nursing research council has allowed me to observe firsthand all the nursing quality improvement projects and research that is being done at AAMC. One of the best things about the Nursing Research Council is that it is there to help any nurse every step of the way when it comes to quality improvement.” -Cheryl Briggs, BSN, RN, RNC-NIC, (NICU), member of the Nursing Evidence-Based Practice/Research Council

 “I value the Clinical Education Council because it provides a forum for discussion of ideas with all of the other AAMC educators. This helps me understand if an issue we are having on Mother/Baby/WSU is confined to our unit, or if it is a house-wide problem that we can solve together.” -Mary Hantske, MSN, RN, RNC-OB, (Clinical Educator Mother/Baby Unit), member of the Clinical Education Council

What about you? How has your practice been effected by nursing’s active role in decision-making through the Shared Governance structure?

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    It has made me a better nurse! I feel empowered to advocate for our profession and for our patients. I have learned the importance of celebrating each other, and that perfection is not the goal, but EXCELLENCE is!!!!

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