MAGNET MONDAY: Committing to positive leadership, personal change and dance — must be the NSP Retreat.

MAGNET MONDAY: Committing to positive leadership, personal change and dance — must be the NSP Retreat.


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Always with a nod to the nautical, the theme was Lead Your Ship: Steering us in the Right Direction. Participants were treated to a day filled with opportunities to learn more about positive leadership.

Sherry Perkins, COO/CNO and Tori Bayless, CEO, started the day off with a bit of inspiration and fun (ask Tori to share her favorite Yoda quote next time you see her) and focus for the day. Next, Holly Greever and Rita Linnenkamp, our Magnet Coordinators, shared the latest on AAMC’s Magnet journey towards excellence – focusing on why, how, and so what.

One of the highlights of the day were our PROPEL keynote speakers, Tom Muha, Linda Burton, and Joan Diamond, who talked about Positive Psychology in Leadership. Practical and applicable, staff raved about this session. Participants were invited to analyze their own behaviors and commit to change through improving our work environment and promoting engagement.

Proudly, several staff stood to share: “You can count on me to end gossip, please hold me accountable.” “You can count on me to have a positive attitude.” “You can count on me to be available and open to helping new staff and floaters on my unit.”

Of course, no retreat would be complete without a little Care for the Caregiver — staff loved the yoga, Zumba, healthy eating, retirement, and aromatherapy sessions.  

Feedback for this day was overwhelmingly positive; here are some comments from attendee’s:

  • The atmosphere was clearly positive; everyone was having a great time. I feel this was the top nursing retreat over the last six years for light and lively fun with good PROPEL learning.
  • Makes me want to be a better leader. I want to make sure I am in the top 20%! (If you want to know more about this, ask your Director.)
  • Per PROPEL, I asked myself what would the best NSP retreat look like to me? Yesterday was it! Thanks everyone for an excellent day!

Pictures from the day are on our AAMC Photo’s page: click here. The video proof that Nia Wright can lead 160 nurses in synchronized dance is also available on this site!

Were you at this retreat? What did you learn? What was the best part of the day for you? What do you plan to change? Share here!

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