MAGNET MONDAY: Caring for the quads- a spotlight on social worker Stephanie Schneider

MAGNET MONDAY: Caring for the quads- a spotlight on social worker Stephanie Schneider


At AAMC, we utilize an interdisciplinary team to care for families as a whole. That’s Magnet. Meet Stephanie Schneider — a social worker who had the pleasure of working with the family of quadruplets recently born at AAMC. From providing education about the roles of the health care team to providing home delivery of  formula for four hungry babies,  Stephanie was an important part of the team who made a difference in the lives of these little ones and their family. 

AAMC’s social workers are essential members of AAMC’s interdisciplinary team, working closely with physicians and nurses to meet our patients’ needs. Recently, NICU social worker Stephanie Schneider (pictured on the right) had the pleasure of working with mom of quadruplets, Mary Voelcker.

After Mrs. Voelcker delivered, her babies were admitted to the NICU. When this happens, even when planned, patients often express that they feel overwhelmed, frightened and sad. To work through these feelings, Stephanie quickly developed a rapport with Mrs. Voelcker and her family.

During their stay, Stephanie provided education about the role of the health care team and coordinated each quad’s discharge plan. She also worked to provide the family with needed services, including:

  • Case Management services: maintaining contact with insurance case manager to ensure the Voelckers would not have the added stress of unnecessary medical bills.
  • Resources: five shipments of four cases of infant formula delivered to their home, along with a host of other freebies for mothers of multiples.
  • Referrals: services through Infants & Toddlers and Social Security.

The quads have “graduated” from the NICU, but Stephanie has maintained contact with Mrs. Voelcker. She reports the babies are gaining weight and reaching their developmental milestones. Big brother is also doing well and adjusting to his four new siblings. The Voelckers say they are looking forward to celebrating this holiday season with family and friends.             -Tawana Doggett

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