Magnet® Monday: “Bring on the pom-poms!” says self-professed Magnet® cheerleader

Magnet® Monday: “Bring on the pom-poms!” says self-professed Magnet® cheerleader

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During the Cart, Deb and team traveled from unit to unit to visit with nurses, talk about Magnet and hand out treats.

I joined the Professional Nursing Council (PNC) in 2007 and I was enthralled with how the nurses here at AAMC had a voice in decision-making. I had heard about shared governance but to actually see it and experience it in action has been an amazing journey.

I attended the very first Nursing Strategic Planning Retreat and that is where I first heard of Magnet®. I wasn’t quite sure what it was all about, but it was presented in a way that reminded me of why I became a nurse. The second Nursing Strategic Planning Retreat is where it really all came together for me – the forces of magnetism reflected the care we rendered and constantly worked to improve.

In 2009, I became Chair of the PNC and was able to attend the ANCC Magnet® Conference in Phoenix, AZ. The enthusiasm and professionalism were contagious. I wanted every nurse at AAMC to know how great they were. 

My only frustration over these past years has been that I thought the process of submitting our document and achieving Magnet® status should be quicker — we were already doing the deal, let’s get our designation. But the process has been thorough and I now see the necessity of the careful planning.  We are absolutely ready for our site visit.

We submitted our document and I waited. When I heard that out document had been accepted, I wanted to do cartwheels down the hall.

I am looking forward to the site visit – I can’t wait to show off the care and commitment of my fellow nurses here at AAMC. They have the strength, spirit and unending tenacity to perform a sometimes difficult job each and every day – each one lending their special strength to the group.

It is my distinct privilege to belong to this group of nurses! If I sound like a Magnet cheerleader then bring on the pom-poms. -Debra Keane, RN


  1. Posted by Brandy, at Reply

    Ditto Deb!! I will be the base of the pyramid we make with our pom poms!! Even in nursing school at Barry University, I wanted to be part of a Magnet organization. When I started here at AAMC in 2010, I knew that this work environment, patient satisfaction, and nursing quality WAS that of a Magnet hospital! Now I am ready to share my pride stories, and how I play a role in our success!

  2. Posted by Holly Greever, at Reply

    Deb – thanks for all you do everyday to care for patients, coordinate care and “live” shared decision making. Rah Rah – Cheer on!


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