Magnet® Monday: Another chance to win — where does your unit shine?

Magnet® Monday: Another chance to win — where does your unit shine?


Where does your unit shine?

In our blog article, How does your unit shine in our Magnet© Document? Tell us about it and win a fabulous prize!, we asked you to share your unit’s shining moments.

Chona Hamrock, had this to say, “I vote that my favorite thing in the Magnet© document is in NK1 – Cue Based feeding in the NICU.”

In June 2012, Chona, a staff nurse in the NICU, applied for and received a Bedside Scientist Grant to support the implementation of cue-based feeding (CBF). CBF promotes oral feedings for NICU newborns based on feeding cues rather than gestational age. The primary objective is to increase newborn weight gain by the time of discharge.

Chona first learned of CBF through position statements from the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (NANN) and a literature review of the American Journal of Perinatology. She furthered her knowledge by attending the Academy of Neonatal Nursing Conference in September 2012. 

 Since education began in January 2103, weight gain in NICU newborns has increased from 28.93% in the pre-intervention group to 36.92% in the post-intervention group.

Thanks for sharing how your unit shines in the magnet document, Chona! You win a fabulous Target gift card. 

But wait! We have MORE fabulous prizes to give out!

To enter the contest:

  1. Use this Index to quickly find the sections where your unit is mentioned, then click here to link to AAMC’s Magnet© document.
  2. Email your favorite story to the Magnet© Program Coordinators ( and before Sunday, June 8.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as many times as you like!

Find more help here: 5 tips for navigating AAMC’s Magnet© document

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