MAGNET MONDAY: A patient “confession” and thanks to Preop, OR and HVU

MAGNET MONDAY: A patient “confession” and thanks to Preop, OR and HVU

Another patient letter of thanks, this time to Preop, OR, and HVU. Clearly, the little things mean a lot to our patients…

This is Magnet. An interdisciplinary team offering excellent patient care. It’s as simple as that. Great job, everyone!Thank You

I just checked out of your hospital and I have a confession to make, when the patient advocate asked me how I was treated by the nursing staff, I lied. I told her they beat me and kept me up all night…. she laughed and said she hoped so.

Sincerely, your staff is excellent. I wish I knew all the names of all the RN’s and support staff to formally log to their personnel files my sincere appreciation for the care and concern.

Sue Lee, RN, in the Preop unit helped me understand the nature of an emergency that had my surgeon take a critical unscheduled patient in front of my scheduled procedure.

The Operating Room nurses were great but I was put under so fast I missed both their names!*

I was in HVU and the first day Kelly Vogt, RN, was fantastic — getting me settled, dealing with friends who had waited and finding me vegetarian food when the diet unit sent up chicken broth!

Kwanza Carter, RN, and Tina Adams, PCT, were a delight all night long and made the frequent checks fun, not invasive of my space.

This morning Kathy Smith, RN, expedited my discharge and now I’m home happy and very pleased with my stay at your facility. My thanks to everyone.

*We did a little digging and found out the names of the OR and PACU nurses mentioned in this letter. They were Jodi Listmann, Wendy Esterling and Kathy Bannano.

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