MAGNET MONDAY: 2 sneak peeks!

MAGNET MONDAY: 2 sneak peeks!

Did you know there are 117 sources of evidence (SOE) that make up the complete Magnet document? No wonder we’ve been so busy gathering and writing! The breakdown looks like this:

  • Organizational Overview – 29
  • Transformational Leadership – 13
  • Structural Empowerment – 21
  • Exemplary Professional Practice – 42
  • New Knowledge, Innovations and Improvements – 12

Still curious as to what this is all about? Here’s Sneak Peek #1 — a taste of the document: Visibility, Accessibility, and Communication (TL10)

And what’s this? Sneak Peek #2 — the start of the AAMC’s Magnet website! Stay tuned, more to come soon.

Did you know there are 117 sources of evidence


  1. Posted by Gena Ryan, at Reply

    It is such an amazing experience to be part of the Magnet document process. As a “hunter-gatherer” I find it absolutely amazing the amount of time, experience, and dedication that goes into writing this document. Kudos to all that have been involved and two kudos to all of you who have contributed to this wonderful experience by simply doing what you do each and every day; caring so much for your patients and their family members. Congratulations to everyone for such a job well done!

  2. Posted by Brandy Brown, at Reply

    Wow! It’s an honor to play a role in our nursing world here at AAMC; but it’s eye opening to read about the whole cast of characters. A huge thank you to all the document writers and evidence gathering staff!! It’s like you are writing the script to an epic screenplay… except this is real life, not make believe!

    And the website sneak peak looks amazing!!

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