Local high schoolers attend AAMC’s Health Care Exploration Program

Local high schoolers attend AAMC’s Health Care Exploration Program

In an effort to inspire our community’s young people to consider a career in health care, AAMC started the High School Health Care Exploration program. Now in its fourth year, this “summer camp” fills up months in advance. Its attendees, in many cases, go on to declare college majors in nursing, pre-med, physical therapy, and the sciences.

This June, 12 students from area high schools attended the four-day program, providing them with a first hand, behind-the-scenes look at health care career options.

During the camp, the high schoolers were CPR certified, practiced basic assessment skills in our simulation lab, toured the ED, learned about helicopter transport and spent time with AAMC staff on several units.

A big thank you to Sandy Fox, MSN, RN, BC, the program coordinator, and all the AAMC staff who helped make this week possible.

Here, the students tell us what they most enjoyed about the High School Health Care Exploration Program:

“This program was an amazing experience that gave me the opportunity to be exposed to the many different professions in the medical field. It has, with no doubt, prepared me for nursing school and I learned so much from the professionals in the different units. We were able to see so much through the program and it was so well organized and helpful! The internship was a great opportunity for my future, as it helped me realize which parts of the hospital I might be interested in working in.” Jamie – Graduate of St. Mary’s High School

“Before this program, my focus for the future was something in forensics. After going through this, my interest has definitely grown in the medical sciences, as well as, unexpectedly, in (the field of) paramedics. Now I plan to take some medical courses my senior year to see if my interest grows more. As it stands, there’s a very good chance I’m going to pursue a health care profession.”  John – Annapolis High School

“I really enjoyed the program. I most enjoyed the flight nursing and the ER nursing, also Mother/Baby and NICU, which I was unsure of. I am very excited about going to nursing school and I feel that this experience has reinvigorated my interest in the medical field.”  Luke – Graduate of Annapolis Area Christian School 

“I was interested in this program because I was thinking about maybe being a nurse. After completing the program I have decided that nursing is what I want to pursue. This program was wonderful and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about healthcare—they bring you all over the hospital to different units and it’s very helpful in seeing if health care is right for you.”  Mikayla – Arundel High School 

“This program was everything I expected it to be. It was informational and fun. It gets you to really think about life after high school. It was a great experience and I would encourage anyone to try it out. I never realized all the components that make up a hospital.” Amanda – Chesapeake High School

“When I entered this program I was not positive of the type of medical career I’d like to pursue. Over the course of the week, I learned that there is a lot more to the hospital than just the doctors and nurses. Everyone has an important role in order to keep the hospital running smoothly. I highly recommend this program for someone interested in a medical career.” Olivia – Arundel High School

When I entered this program, I knew I wanted to pursue some sort of a career in health care. The high school exploration program allowed me to explore almost all aspects in healthcare and helped to guide me to what specialization I was really interested in. The group leaders were very helpful and you could tell that they desired to answer all of your questions. After this program I am now more interested in health care than before.” Shannon – Kent Island High School

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