Less is more! The latest on AAMC’s waste disposal programs.

Less is more! The latest on AAMC’s waste disposal programs.

What was 100% in FY05, 50% in FY11, and will be only 25% in FY12? The amount of AAMC’s incinerated waste.

In FY05, 100% of our waste went to the incinerator. Now, as we all learned in 2nd grade, burning something does not make it disappear, but rather change its form. For example, Dioxin (a known carcinogenic) is released into the air when plastics are burned. We knew we needed to change.

From FY06-FY11, AAMC began to move to “less harm” as we implemented our initial waste segregation programs. Although less harm is better, we knew we could still improve. 

Together we are shifting to an environment and culture of “no harm.”  After only four months of starting our house-wide waste segregation programs, we are almost at our goal!

Through our new programs—reprocessing, remanufacturing, recycling, reusable sharps containers, segregation of landfill waste from biohazard waste—we have:

  • decreased our biohazard waste to 25%,
  • increased our recycling to 20%, and
  • increased our landfill waste to 60%.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment as we continue on this journey. Want to talk trash? Contact Charlotte Wallace at cwallace@aahs.org.

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